How to create pinup girl makeup

For a retro costume that is sexy and sweet, dress up as a pinup girl this Halloween. A big part of the pinup look is the flirty, glamorous makeup.

Halloween pinup girl makeup tutorial

Halloween pinup girl makeup tutorial - liquid foundation

Step 1:

Apply the foundation.
Apply a layer of foundation, using a color that is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone.
Follow up with pressed powder that matches your complexion, and blend. Add some bronzer or highlighter to finish the base.
Halloween pinup girl makeup tutorial - makeup brushes

Step 2:

Accentuate the brows.
Use a brow brush or comb to shape your brows. Then, using an eyeliner pencil matching your brow color, apply quick, light strokes to create a light line on the top of your eyebrows to accentuate the arch.
Don’t be afraid to make your brows appear fuller than they really are — the eyebrows are a big part of the pinup girl look.
Halloween pinup girl makeup tutorial - eyeshadows

Step 3:

Apply the shadow.
When it comes to eye shadow, less is more for this look. Use a light cream or a soft, white shade to highlight under the eyebrows and on the brow bone. Make a “C” shape around the outside of the eye as well. Pat a light brown eye shadow into the eyelid, going a bit into the crease of the eye. Use a blending brush to blend the color from your eyelid outward and into the crease.

Note: If your brows are thin, apply another line on the bottom of each eyebrow for more definition. Fill in your eyebrows with brow powder, and blend the pencil lines.

Halloween pinup girl makeup tutorial - example of cat eye makeup

Step 4:

Create the cat eye look.
To make a perfect cat eye, with your eyes open, draw a line from the outer edge of the eye toward the end of the eyebrow. Line your top lashes and connect to the line that you just made. To finish the cat eye, build up this line with color. For a more dramatic pinup girl look, you can line your lower lashes as well and connect the line to the cat-eye portion on top. To soften the lines, go over the liner with a dark eye shadow.
Halloween pinup girl makeup tutorial - fake eyelashes

Step 5:

Add fake lashes.
Apply fake eyelashes. Remember that you need just a tiny bit of glue. Add a coat or two of mascara to blend the false lashes in with your natural ones. Once the glue has dried, apply eyeliner again.
Halloween pinup girl makeup tutorial - red lipstick

Step 6:

Apply the finishing touches.
Add rosy blush to your cheeks, and finally, use matte-red lipstick for a classic pinup girl look. For a bit of fun, use an eyeliner pencil to create a fake mole or “beauty spot.” Apply a bit of brown eye shadow with a thin brush to soften the mole, and pat it with a triangular sponge for a realistic look.

Step 7: Create your pinup girl hairstyle

Comb a section of hair forward for bangs. Next, pull your hair back into a ponytail. Spray your bangs with hairspray for texture, then curl your bangs around your finger and pin underneath with bobby pins to secure.

How to create pinup girl makeup

Watch this makeup tutorial and recreate this look on your own!

How To Create Pin-Up Girl Makeup
Learn how to create a vintage pin-up girl costume with these makeup and hair tips.

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