How to create a fake scar and stitches

What are you dressing up as this Halloween? For Frankenstein’s monster or another scary costume, you may want to add a fake scar or wound to your face. With a 3-D effects kit and a few makeup tricks, you can easily create a realistic-looking scar with stitches.

Halloween fake scar and wound tutorial

Step 1:

Clean and prep the area.
Clean the skin with an antibacterial wipe. Apply the spirit gum from a 3-D effects kit to the area where you’d like the fake scar to be.

Step 2:

Mold the wound.
Coat your fingers in baby oil to keep the scar wax from sticking, and then apply the wax to your skin. Mold the wax into the shape of a wound, and using the end of a brush, draw a line in the wound to indicate the cut. Add liquid latex to the edges to seal the wax, and allow it to dry.

Step 3:

Add the blood.
Apply fake blood to the wound. Then, take three small pieces of thread, cut them all to the same length, and lay them across the wound as stitches. Use a very small amount of liquid latex to secure the ends of the thread.

Step 4: Apply the finishing touches.

Dab a small amount of fake blood on the end of each of the “entry points” of the thread. Finish by using the color palette for the kit (or just black eye shadow) to add bruising and swelling to the wound.

How to create a fake scar and stitches

Watch this makeup tutorial and learn how to recreate this look on your own!

How To Create a Fake Scar with Stitches
Learn how to create a fake scar with stitches for your Halloween costume.

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