How to create zombie eyes

Zombie costumes are all the rage this year for Halloween, due to the popularity of The Walking Dead and other TV shows and movies. If you are dressing up as a zombie, you need to get the makeup just right — especially the eyes.

Halloween zombie makeup tutorial

Halloween zombie makeup tutorial - foundation

Step 1:

Create the base.
Start by applying a white base to your entire face or the area around the eyes. Be sure to go over the eyebrows. Set the makeup with translucent powder.
Halloween zombie makeup tutorial - purple eye shadow

Step 2:

Apply purple shadow.
Apply dark purple eye shadow over the eyelids, and blend up and out toward the brow bone and temples. Then, use a blending brush to blend the color down under the eyes and toward the cheekbones.
Halloween zombie makeup tutorial - grey eye shadow

Step 3:

Create the sunken look.
Apply black eye shadow with a light hand, from the inner corners of the eyes toward the nose, to create a sunken effect. Use a triangular sponge to blend the black over the eyelids and under the eyes, just above the cheekbones.

Apply charcoal or gray eye shadow to create a black eye, further accentuating the sunken look. Use blush or red eye shadow to add a few highlights from the eyes down toward the nose, under the eyes and up toward the eyebrows.

Step 4: Define the creases in your face.

Wrinkle your face and nose, and trace the creases of your face with a black eyeliner pencil. Then, trace along those lines with a white pencil. Soften the harshness of the lines by gently rubbing with a triangular sponge. Add some definition by using black liquid or gel eyeliner on a select few of the lines. To finish this the zombie look, trace the water line of your eyes with red eyeliner.

How to create spooky zombie eyes

Watch this tutorial and learn how to create this look yourself!

How To Create Zombie Eyes
We show you how to get creepy zombie eyes for this years Halloween costume.

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