How to create perfect animal whiskers

Animal costumes are always popular at Halloween — for adults and kids. Whether you’ve decided to be an adorable bunny or a fierce lion, you need whiskers.

Halloween animal makeup tutorial

Halloween animal makeup tutorial - foundation

Step 1:

Create the base.
To make perfect animal whiskers, start by applying white makeup to fill in the area under your nose and over your lips. Blend the color out toward your chin, and set the base with translucent powder.
Halloween animal makeup tutorial - black eyeliner

Step 2:

Define your nose.
Use a black eyeliner pencil to draw and fill in an upside-down triangle on the tip of your nose.
Halloween animal makeup tutorial - animal whiskers

Step 3:

Accentuate the lips.
Draw a line from the point of the triangle down to your lip. Fill in the triangle made by the dip in your top lip, and connect to the line you just drew. Starting at the base of the triangle, trace the edge of your top lip, extending the line out past your lip on both sides.
Slightly turn up the ends at each side. Trace the parentheses-shaped lines on both sides of your mouth, starting from the bottom and tracing upward, fading away toward the nose.

Step 4: Add the whiskers.

Add several dots of various sizes in the white area around your mouth. To complete the look, draw whiskers of various lengths out from the parentheses lines. For even more definition, add liquid or gel liner on some of the whiskers.

How to create the perfect animal whiskers

Watch this makeup tutorial and learn how to recreate this look yourself!

How To Create the Perfect Animal Whiskers
We show you how to get cute animal whiskers for an adult or child’s Halloween costume.

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