How to get Pippi Longstocking braids

Pippi Longstocking is a fun costume for Halloween. To achieve this look, you just need a blue dress or jumper and mismatched, colorful socks, as well as a pair of old shoes. Of course, you’ll also need to get your braids just right for the classic Pippi Longstocking look. To create Pippi Longstocking’s hair and her braids, you need two to four pipe cleaners, some bobby pins and two pieces of ribbon.

Pippi Longstocking hair tutorial

Pippi Longstocking hair tutorial - braids

Step 1:

Create two braids.
Part your hair down the middle, and separate it into two ponytails. Braid each ponytail, leaving your bangs out of the braids. As you are braiding, pull your hair out and away from the side of your head.
Pippi Longstocking hair tutorial - pipe cleaners

Step 2:

Add the pipe cleaners.
For shorter hair, bend a pipe cleaner in half. For longer hair, twist two pipe cleaners together. Doing this will allow you to more easily bend the braids upward. Work your pipe cleaners into each Pippi Longstocking braid, from the top to the bottom. Secure the pipe cleaners with bobby pins near the top of each braid.
Pippi Longstocking hair tutorial - ribbons

Step 3:

Bend the braids upward.
Bend each braid upward to get the classic Pippi Longstocking look. Finish the look by styling your bangs and tying a ribbon around the end of each braid.

How to get Pippi Longstocking braids

Watch the tutorial and try them yourself!

How To Get Pippi Longstocking Braids
Here’s a great costume idea for this Halloween. Here’s an easy way to get pippi longstocking braids.

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