Funny Halloween costumes for families

Group Halloween costumes are a lot of fun for families. From clowns to zombies and everything in between, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Family fun on Halloween
Clown family on Halloween

Simply pick a theme or a group of characters and then all dress up together.

Angry Birds

Kids will love dressing up with mom and dad as the Angry Birds. The only thing you’ll have to do decide is who is going to be the pig! You can find Angry Birds costumes from a number of retailers including Toys “R” Us.


Food costumes are always hilarious choices for Halloween. If you are going to dress up as a family, choose foods that go together — such as a hamburger, fries and a shake. Check out the selection of food costumes at Toys “R” Us — they even have condiments.


No matter how many people are in your family, you can get together and be crayons. If you are crafty, consider making a crayon costume — or if you prefer, you can buy one. Halloween Express offers a variety of crayon costumes in different colors for adults, kids and even the dog!


Everybody wants to be a ninja. Ninjas costumes are easy to put together on your own — you just need to dress in all black (including a hood) and then just add a play sword. If you are looking for premade ninja costumes for your whole family, visit Spirit Halloween to find everything you need.


Superheroes are so trendy right now. Grab the rest of the family and dress up as your favorites. From Wonder Woman to Spiderman and Batman to The Hulk, there’s a superhero for everyone. Most Halloween retailers, such as Spirit Halloween offer a selection of superhero costumes for young and old.

Famous families

A fun family costume idea is to dress up like a famous family. You can select a popular TV family — everyone from The Brady Bunch to The Addams Family to the Beverly Hillbillies. Or instead, pick a celebrity family such as the Kardashians or the Jolie-Pitts.

More ideas

Other fun Halloween costume ideas for families include dressing up like M&Ms, as a poker hand, or like characters from your kid’s favorite shows. Yo Gabba Gabba, South Park and SpongeBob are terrific options.

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