Healthy alternatives to trick or treat candy

Instead of contributing to the sugarfest known as Halloween, surprise the neighborhood kids with some fun and healthy alternatives to candy. Here are our top picks for non-candy treats to hand out on Halloween.


Healthy edibles

Twisted fruit ropes

Skip the licorice whips and fill your trick or treat bowl with a healthier treat like these Zfruit ropes from Clif Kid ($14 for 18).

Applesauce pouches

Kids love slurping applesauce out of a pouch, so this will be a healthy treat they’ll love to eat. ($33 for 48)

Healthy bars

Mini healthy bars are the perfect bite-size treat. Some of our favorites are these Mini Lara Bars that come in an assortment of flavors including Cherry Cashew, Cookie and Apple Pie. You might want to order a few extra boxes for post-Halloween snacking ($10 for 12).

Mini water bottles

Little witches and goblins get thirsty while trick or treating! Give them a little Halloween hydration with mini bottles of water ($18 for 24).

Mandarin oranges

Cute citrus like clementines, mandarin oranges or tangerines are always a sweet treat. If your kids like Halloween crafts, give them some pens to draw little jack-o-lantern faces on the fruit before handing out.

Non-food items

Wax mustaches

Remember how fun wax lips were when we were kids? Treat the neighborhood kids to an update on the classic — wax mustaches ($23 for 24)!

Mini flashlights

Treats that glow, flash or light up are always great choices. We love these mini flashlights on a rope ($7 for 12) from Oriental Trading company.

Sidewalk chalk

Give each trick-or-treater one or two sticks of sidewalk chalk for driveway hopscotch, four square or sidewalk doodling ($5 for 100 pieces).

Pet rocks

If your kids like to paint, have them round up a bunch of rocks and cover a section of the driveway with newspaper. Have them paint different faces on the rocks and display them in a tray on Halloween night for trick-or-treaters to choose their favorite.

Play dough

Whip up a batch of your own homemade play dough and package in clear plastic jars, or make things easy and buy a bunch of mini Play-Doh containers ($13 for 20).

Crayon rocks

Instead of candy, drop a few bean-shaped crayons in their bags. These non-toxic Crayon Rocks are made in America from natural soy wax and are ergonomically shaped for small fingers ($25 for a box of 64 crayons).

Fun bandages

The selection of bandages today is nothing short of brilliant. Abraham Lincoln, enchanted unicorns, bacon, pirates and pickles are just a few choices. Surprise trick-or-treaters with a couple of crazy band-aids for a creative alternative to sweets ($4 for a box of 20 bandages).

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