Top 10 Halloween costumes of all time

When it comes to Halloween, you have two costume options — classic or topical. While others might be trotting around in their finest Barack Obama masks and Lady Gaga costumes, you and your children want to do something that’s a bit more traditional.

Halloween party

Halloween is supposed to be spooky! Get on board with All Hallows Eve in these top 10 classic costumes that never go out of style.


It’s the economic go-to costume. Plus, it’s pretty darn cute. Simply cut holes in a white sheet and wear! The ghost costume is an old classic, but now it has an ironic, kitschy quality about it. Wear it to your next Halloween party for a cost-cutting blast to the past.


Zombies have made a comeback in recent years. Now it’s your turn to play a part in the zombie apocalypse. You can zombie-fy pretty much any costume you can think up! Go classic with simple tattered thrift store clothes and full makeup, or go topical by choosing a celebrity to turn into a zombie. Zombie Katy Perry, anyone?


Despite all of the Twilight fandom, vampires are still vicious — especially on Halloween! Plus, vampire costumes are easy and cheap to create. Find a cape and dress in your finest upscale clothing. Then, paint your face white and add a drip of red paint from your mouth. Voila! Instant vampire.


The black cats come out at night on Halloween! This is a costume for all ages, from a simple headband for a toddler to an all-out sexified ensemble for 20-somethings. Anyone can be a cute kitty with a dark side.


What’s more Halloween than the giant orange squash known as a pumpkin? Babies look especially cute as the round veggie, but this costume can also hide the waistline gained from too much candy in Halloweens past.

The Devil

Religious taboos aside, dressing like Beelzebub himself is an option for kids, men and women alike. Go as a casual devil with jeans, horns and a red cape, or go as a full on sexy devilish vixin. The possibilities are endless.


Stew up some nostalgic feelings this Halloween by dressing as a witch. This costume is simple to create. All you need is a hat, boots and a broom! Bonus points for attaching a grotesque prosthetic nose.


When evil overtakes the city this Halloween, fight the ghouls and goblins away as a superhero. From Wonder Woman to Batman, boys and girls alike love knowing that their character does some good for the world.


Saddle on up for a good time as a cowboy or cowgirl. Creating the costume is simple, and you likely already have most of the accessories in your closet. If not, a quick trip to the thrift store can land you some solid finds like cowboy hats and boots.


He’s alive! Or she. This scary monster can be adapted for both sexes. Plaster on that green makeup and those bolts. It’s time to frighten the town!

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