Tips to host an Olympics opening ceremonies party

If you can’t take off across the pond to participate in the festivities surrounding the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, never fear! With a few clever ideas, you can host a viewing party that will be loads of fun — and you won’t even have to leave town!

laurel leaves on table

Let the games begin!

Since this exciting event only comes around every four years, make it a special time to gather, watch and cheer with your family and friends. The opening ceremonies are a great time to get the party started, so whether you try a few of the following ideas, or go all-out, you and your guests will be inspired!

Invite the people in your world

Evite for Olympics

Whether you’re mailing invitations to friends or sending them via email, give your guests an idea of what your event has in store. The Olympic torch will be the center of attention to kick off the Olympics. Make sure to include it in your invitations and even in your party decor.

If you’re creative enough to make your own invitations, great! If not, check card shops and party stores for Olympic-themed invites. has many fun Olympic-themed designs you can use, too.

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Decorate like a champion

Decorating will be a cinch since the games will be held in London, where red, white and blue colors will take center stage. Do you have leftover July 4th decorations? Let them do double-duty for party decorations this summer!

Patriotic balloonsColors

Use tablecloths, napkins and even balloons in the patriotic colors of red, white and blue you know well. If you have platters or dishware in the same colors — perfect! If you don’t already have these items, many stores still have July 4th party supplies on hand that are likely discounted at this point.

More color option: gold, silver and bronze. Check fabric stores for materials that may have a metallic sheen or tulle. Use pieces to drape over your buffet areas, tabletops and any other flat surface. Look for fabric ribbon in gold colors and use them to make bows to tie around vases or to use as napkin “rings.” Break out your silver platters for serving up food.

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American, Mexican, Canadian FlagFlags

Visit your local craft or party store to pick up mini-sized flags of other nations. Place them around your party area, or use them to line the walkway leading to your front door.

You can also use the flags to make a creative centerpiece. Arrange the flags around a floral centerpiece for your main centerpiece. Select white and red flowers if possible, along with greenery. If you can find laurel leaves, use those, since they are representative of the ancient Greek Olympics.

MedalRibbons, medals, rings and torches

Check the party store for medals on ribbons. Pick up medals in gold, silver and bronze and give one to each guest to wear. You can also use them as decorations, placing them around your tablescapes.

Blue, yellow, black, green, and red are the colors represented in the Olympic rings. Look for plastic rings at the party store that you can fasten together, or use this simple kids craft idea from Kaboose to create several tissue torches to place around your party. So simple, you can make one for each guest.

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An international feast

What would be a party without fabulous food? Whether you choose to keep your food in a theme, like serving all English or Greek foods, or you serve a little of everything from around the world, make sure you have plenty to serve your guests!


The nice thing about this event being in the summer season is that you can keep your foods light and fresh. Check out a few recipes perfect for your party:

Have fun with this party. It’s a great time for friends to gather and celebrate the world and the Olympic spirit!

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