Plan a Father’s Day to remember

It’s that time of year when we show dad just how special we think he is. So instead of the standard toolkit or necktie, give him the best Father’s Day gift you can: a day off. Plan a whole day of relaxation, fun and time with the family. It will be one Father’s Day he’ll never forget.

Dad and family watching sports on tv

Check out these great ways to help dad have the best Father’s Day yet. For the ultimate Dad’s Day, give him each and every item on this list… he deserves it, doesn’t he?

listFather’s Day plan No. 1 —Tackle the honey-do list

Since Father’s Day is just one Sunday a year, it won’t kill us to do some of dad’s chores for him, will it? Start with the standards like taking out the trash, mowing the lawn and washing the car. Find out which chores he really hates and tackle those, then talk to mom and get the scoop on what she really wants done. You might even be able to free up dad’s next weekend, too.

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Father’s Day plan No. 2 — All about sports

Most dads wouldn’t mind spending a few hours in front of the television watching their favorite sporting event, but there’s usually a long list of more important things that need to get done. Since you’ve already checked all those things off his honey-do list, he can take in that baseball game guilt-free. Gather the family together, make some game-day snacks, and root on dad’s favorite team. Not only will he get to watch the game, but he’ll be spending time with the whole family. And when the game is over, head outside and throw the ball around… chances are it’s been awhile since dad has gotten to play baseball.

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grillFather’s Day plan No. 3 — Get grilling

If your dad takes his title of “grill master” seriously, you may have to fight him over this one. Plan an all-grilled meal and get those tongs away from dad. Let him kick up his feet and drink a beer while you do the cooking. And if he really can’t stand to let someone else take the grilling helm, at least handle the menu planning, grocery shopping and prep work for him. He’ll appreciate that all he has to do is fire up the barbecue.

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