Fun baby shower games

Women attending baby showers generally expect to play a game or two. If you’re hosting this type of event, you better be prepared to plan some fun challenges that will get your guests giggling and chatting.

Measuring pregnant belly at baby shower

Here are a few games to consider.

Measure the belly

According to Karla Amado of, “A classic game that never gets boring is the ‘measure the belly’ game. In this game you take toilet paper or yarn and try to guess the length of the mommy’s belly. Once all the guests have their yarn or toilet paper cut, they each tie it around the mom’s belly and see who was the closest to her new size. I’ve planned enough baby showers to notice that people really enjoy this game time and time again!”

Pin the bottle on the baby

When Laurel Stavros of hosts baby showers, she engages guests in a game of “pin the bottle on the baby.” She says, “I have a poster of a baby and replace the baby’s face with a blown up photo of the dad’s face and a baby hat on his head. If we know the baby is a boy, I leave the dad’s face as is. If it is a girl, I add a curly hair wig image to the dad’s head.” Then, to play the game Stavros passes out baby bottle shapes to guests, blindfolds the guests and encourages them to pin the bottle on the dad’s mouth. Then, whoever places the bottle image closest to the mouth wins a prize.

onesieDesign the best onesie

Gina Milano, event planner and owner of Long Island Wedding & Event Planners Boutique, suggests having guests compete to create the most unique onesie for the newborn. She explains, “Baby shower planners supply plain onesies, markers and other arts and crafts supplies. They can give guests a time limit and the person with the most creative onesie can win a prize.”

Loaded Questions Parenting 101

A hilarious game that you can purchase, rather than put together yourself, is Loaded Questions Parenting 101. This game features 200 parenting-related questions. According to, there are three steps to this game. First, a player must pick a card and read aloud his or her favorite question. Second, all other players write down personal answers to the question. Third, one player reads the answers aloud and the player who initially selected the question must guess which player wrote which answer.

Celebrity baby name game

You may already be familiar with the bridal shower game that involves matching celebrities with their significant others. Marley Majcher, owner of The Party Goddess!, suggests playing a game similar to this at baby showers. Rather than having guests match celebrities with their significant others, she suggests having guests match babies to their celebrity parents. This game can be fun and challenging for guests, given that there are a number of celebrity babies who have unusual names.

These are just a few of the games your guests might enjoy. With a little creativity, you can create even more games to suit the theme of the baby shower or the number of participants.

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