Top 10 Father’s Day gifts for any dad

Every dad has his unique personality, but there are plenty of gifts that align with every dad’s interests across the board. We’ve collected some of the quirkiest, practical and lovable gifts for Father’s Day 2012 to suit any personality.

Mini Bar

Mini bar

Bring out your dad’s inner Jack Donaghy with this personal mini bar. The set includes four shot glasses, four cocktail glasses and four coasters — perfect for that aged whiskey you bought him. Plus, with sleek and conservative looks, it will match any decor. $80 at

LEGO Star Wars Minifig Alarm Clock

LEGO Star Wars minifig alarm clock

You’ve always called your dad a “nerd.” Now you can bring out his inner nerd in gift form. This 8-inch-tall figurine will wake dad up in the morning. Plus it has posable limbs for fun play. Choose from Darth Vader, Boba Fett or a Stormtrooper. $30 at

Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox

Daddy diaper changing toolbox

Being a dad isn’t always glamorous. Dads new and old know that, but new dads might just be getting used to it. This daddy diaper changing toolbox is a cute and tounge-in-cheek gift that includes a goggles, tongs, rubber gloves, “poop poncho,” a framed photo of your child and more. $37 at

First-Time Brewer's Starter Kit

First-time brewer’s starter kit

Dad loves to relax at the end of the day with a beer. The only thing better than drinking a beer is drinking a beer you made. Get dad the gift of homebrewing this year. This first-time brewer’s kit contains almost everything dad needs to get started with brewing his own homebrew, minus a stock pot and thermometer. $127 at

Dockers Stain Defender pants

Dockers stain defender pants

Dad works hard and plays hard. Sometimes, he plays a little too hard when it comes to eating that burger. No worries! With Dockers stain defender pants, dad can keep his clean look without heading back home to change his pants before your next planned Father’s Day surprise. $55 at

Dockers Signature Khaki

Dockers signature khaki

This Father’s Day, go classic! These khakis are always in style and come in an array of khaki colors — perfect for going from the golf course to the office! The flat front gives these pants a timeless and flattering look for all sizes. $58 at

Personalized key chain

Personalized key chain

Remember those times you’ve asked dad “What do you want for Father’s Day” and he says “Your company is a gift”? He means that. Your presence and personal touches mean the world to him. Show it with this amazing Etsy key chain that uses the coordinates of home and personalizes each of your favorite dad labels. $23 at

Digital photo frame

Digital photo frame

Dad has finally made the push into the 21st Century, mastering his cell phone and buying the latest digital camera. Great! Rather than spending the time getting physical photos printed at your local drug store, get dad this amazing 8-inch LCD digital picture frame. He can swap out photos as needed. Plus, he can keep more than one photo in it at a time! This Sony model is $99 at

Artisan iPhone case

Artisan iPhone case

In a sea of glittery, pink iPhone cases, this leather artisan case from Restoration Hardware is a class act. The 100 percent leather outer protects the phone from harm while adding a touch of masculinity. $39 at

Classic sunglasses

Classic sunglasses

These classic sunglasses rekindle images of James Dean and other timeless screen heroes. Rank dad among them. With always-in-fashion wayfarer frames, these Dockers glasses will always be a hit. $20 at

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