Top 10 TV dads

Season after television season, we are introduced to a cavalcade of fictional fathers with all kinds of quirks, life lessons, idiosyncrasies and a pinch or two of disfunction. In honor of Father’s Day, here is a list of the top 10 most memorable TV dads.


Alan Matthews
Boy Meets World

Alan Matthews from Boy Meets World

On Boy Meets World, Alan Matthews is the hard-working dad to Eric and Corey and husband to Ann, his high school sweetheart. Sometimes short-tempered and always quick to apologize, it’s clear that Alan wants the best for his boys.

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Homer Simpson
The Simpsons

Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson is really the anti-dad. He is incompetent at work and is often drunk. He is overweight and short-tempered. Somehow, Homer still manages to be a lovable character that many of us have grown up with over the 20 years that The Simpsons has been on the air. Maybe it’s because he’s often the underdog, or maybe it’s because he’s a big, yellow cartoon character. Whatever it is, it’s impossible to forget Homer.

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Harold Weir
Freaks and Geeks

Harold Weir Freaks and Geeks

Harold Weir is the strict, often frustrated but clearly loving father on Freaks and Geeks. At the heart of it all is that Harold is an obsessive worrier. Through it all, Harold manages to find moments in between all of the worrying to have some fun with his family — showing us all just how great of a dad he can be!

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Phil Dunphy
Modern Family

Phil Dunphy Modern Family

Phil Dunphy is the geekiest cool dad on the planet. He refers to his parenting style as “peerenting” and is often trying to bond with his three kids, though he’s usually trying way too hard. Competitive and a little abrasive, he’s also super-funny and lovable.

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Steven Keaton
Family Ties

Steven Keaton Family Ties

Steven Keaton is a left-wing former political activist whose ideals are often put to the test by his extremely conservative son, Alex. He shows viewers what it means to try and maintain composure and patience through familial dilemmas, in order to keep a happy home and strong relationships.

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Burt Hummel

Burt Hummel Glee

Burt Hummel is a widower, a auto shop owner and father to Kurt — his complete opposite in almost every way. While Burt loves classic rock and football, Kurt loves musical theater and fashion. Regardless of their differences, the one thing that they have in common is their love for each other and an extremely strong father-son bond.

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Arrested Development

Michael Bluth Arrested Development

Michael Bluth is the second widower and single father on the list. He is also the patriarch in a family that is warped with disfunction. Legal, financial and moral issues wreak havoc on the Bluths, and Michael works to shelter his son, George Michael, from the madness. Though his attempts are made with the best of intentions, they often leave George Michael confused and feeling a bit like an outcast.

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Mitchell Pritchett & Cameron Tucker
Modern Family

Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker Modern Family

Mitchell and Cameron are two of the most amazing TV dads of all time. They are doting fathers to their daughter Lily, and their hilarious misadventures to give her the best of everything are heartwarming — even with a few missteps along the way. Though they are sometimes overprotective and overbearing , Mitchell and Cameron always have their hearts in the right place and are operating with the best of intentions.

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Danny Tanner
Full House

Danny Tanner Full House

With Uncle Joey and Uncle Jesse by his side, Danny Tanner worked to maintain order and guide his three daughters. Throughout eight seasons, many of us grew up with Danny Tanner, D.J., Stephanie and Michelle, and we watched him mediate and try to understand the inevitable conflicts that arose in a household full of growing girls.

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Cliff Huxtable
The Cosby Show

Cliff Huxtable

Cliff Huxtable is the classic, wise, understanding father who was always available (often found in the kitchen) to offer his kids a life lesson or two. A committed father and husband, Cliff offered his opinions to his kids on everything from money, relationships, school and even what to wear.

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