Better than socks: Unforgettable Father’s Day gifts

If you’re struggling on what to buy dad this Father’s Day, don’t settle for socks just yet. Instead, consider one of these unforgettable gift ideas that will help remind him how much you appreciate him.

Happy man with a beer

beerGive a unique subscription

A monthly subscription is a great gift that makes it impossible for dad to forget just how amazing you and your gift-giving skills are, and there are interesting options that go far beyond magazines.

You can find unique and (sometimes) surprising subscriptions tailored to a variety of interests. If dad is a craft beer fanatic, sign him up for a beer of the month club that will deliver new microbrews to his doorstep. For the culinary adventurer, sign him up for a bacon, hot sauce, pizza or chocolate of the month club. You can even sign dad up for a pickle of the month club! Check out sites like, and to find a subscription that is perfect for your dad’s tastes.

Trio Toss Deluxe GameGift ideas for the weekend warrior

If your dad is crazy about sports, then The Sports Book may be the greatest Father’s Day gift of all time. Bound in an astroturf cover, it includes rules, tactics and techniques for over 200 games.

The Trio Toss Deluxe Game is perfect for any dad who likes to spend as much time as possible outside, barbecuing and just hanging out with family and friends. It comes with washers, bags and ladder toss games, plus a carrying case that makes it easy to set up and store and ideal for use at home or when tailgating. For the dad who is as serious about having fun as he is about accessorizing, give dad a personalized beer holster this year. Functional and fun, dad will be able to keep a cold beverage at hand when he wants it the most — during backyard parties, while mowing the lawn or on a fishing trip with friends.

personalized stepping stone Craft gifts made by the kids

DIY gifts that your kids can be a part of creating make for some of the most memorable gifts. Plus, they are often inexpensive and are always one-of-a-kind. Most importantly, they encourage kids to explore their feelings of appreciation and love for dad.

Bump up the cuteness quotient of dad’s landscaping by giving him a personalized stepping stone that includes a sweet message and your child’s handprint. A fun gift for all, you can pick one up for $20 or less, and the kids can get dirty during the creative process. Another fun, handprint-inspired gift is a handprint canvas kit. This is a good craft for multiple kids to get involved with, or you can make it a longer-term project with baby and track her growth using the four canvases to document handprints at different ages. Make a modern and endearing photo collage that includes personalized messages written in word bubbles from your kids in each frame. Check out this blog for easy instructions on how to do it and a free template to get you started.

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