5 Mother’s Day gift basket ideas

Since Mother’s Day only comes once a year, it’s important to show Mom how much she means. Bring her flowers, treat her to brunch and give her a gift from the heart.

Skip the generic gifts this Mother’s Day and give Mom something she’ll love. Depending on what her hobbies are, fill up a basket to show her you really know what she likes. Gift baskets can be customized to suit any interest and are fun and easy to put together — all you have to do is pay attention to Mom’s likes. She’ll appreciate the personal touch.

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Gardening suppliesFor the gardener

If your mom loves to spend her free time in the garden, fill up a pretty ceramic pot instead of a basket. Find out what she likes to grow and fill it accordingly, with seed packets of herbs, vegetables or wild flowers. Add a nice pair of gardening gloves, a small spade, a kneeling pad and a set of customized plant identification markers. Once she’s done in the garden, she’ll love to pamper her hands with the luxurious hand cream that you tucked in there for her.

Knitting needlesFor the knitter

If Mom is a knitter, she can always use more knitting supplies. Get a knitting bag and fill it with all the things she’ll need to make that new pair of socks, scarf or sweater. Put in a pair of knitting needles, stitch markers, some new patterns and yarn of every color and texture. If she’s new to the hobby, add a how-to book to get her started.

chef hatFor the cook

If the kitchen is where your mom would rather be, choose a big mixing bowl or a new pot to fill with goodies. Rubber spatulas and wooden spoons are always good to have on hand, along with an extra set of measuring spoons and kitchen towels. Find out what cuisine she’s interested in at the moment and add a cookbook to help her learn to make those dishes, plus a cookbook holder for hands-free recipe reading. Last but not least, most cooks like to enjoy a glass of wine while making dinner, and she’ll love a bottle of her favorite varietal.

booksFor the reader

If you’re most likely to find Mom snuggled up with a good book, give her a tote bag full of new reads. Snoop around her bookshelf and see who her favorite authors are, then buy some of their newest titles. Do a little research to find similar authors and introduce her to someone she hasn’t read yet. Add a book light for nighttime reading and a bookmark that suits her personality. For when she’s reading a book she can’t put down, include snacks like gourmet popcorn, nuts and chocolate chip cookies, so she won’t even have to get up to go to the kitchen.

craft beadsFor the crafter

If your mom always has a craft project going, the possibilities are endless for what can go into a gift basket for her. A set of nesting baskets would be the perfect container to fill up since they can be used later for organizing. Then go to the craft store and start shopping! Ribbon, fabric, a pair of fabric scissors, a glue gun and glue sticks, decorative paper, paint and paintbrushes, scrapbooking supplies and DIY crafting books are all great options.


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