Moms share: Diaper bag essentials

May 1, 2012 at 5:30 a.m. ET

When you’re on the go with your baby, you need to make sure you have your battle plan and weapons laid out. If you’re a new mom, that means making sure your diapers, bottles, pacifiers and more are fully stocked and ready to go on a moment’s whim. Here’s what a few real moms also think is necessary in their diaper bags.

mom holding toddler with diaper bag on shoulder

Fundamentals for the babysitter

"Remember, when packing diaper bags for the sitter, always pack more than you think the baby needs. The last thing you need while at work is a call from the sitter, stating that they have run out of diapers, clothes or anything else,” says Amanda Acuna of “Make a list of what you are going to send to the sitter: diapers, clothes, formula and bottles, or bottles pre-made with breast milk, powder and lotions, baby wipes and toys.”

Shades for mommy

As you run errands throughout the day with baby, don’t forget to toss a pair of sunglasses in the bag, suggests Naya Weber of

“One of my favorite ways to play around with current trends is through accessories. You can spend as much or as little as you want to stay in style. I've been a fan of cat eye sunglasses for some time,” she says. “I picked up a cheap pair with tortoise frames from Forever 21 well over a year ago and have been in love with the style of frames ever since.”

Cloth diapers

Ditch the expensive disposable diapers for cloth diapers, suggests Mindy Farmer of You can wash them regularly, so long as you aren’t afraid of a touch of baby poo.

“Most articles I've read suggest a good 18 to 24 diapers for a baby my son's age. In order to keep within my budget, I aimed for the 18 diapers range so I could have a few ‘fancier’ diapers,” she says. “I weighed the pros and cons of one-size vs. fitted diapers and decided that I'd rather have the convenience of one-size over the resell value of fitted.”

A good rump cream

“I'm like a Boy Scout when it comes to my diaper bag. I like to be prepared,” says Sara Beth of “Everything I have in it, I have needed at some point or other when I have been out and about. And when you need a change of clothes, you really need a change of clothes.”

Sara keeps Bordeaux's Butt Paste in her bag to prevent diaper rash. She says it washes off better than Desitin -- perfect for those times you have to wash one-handed.

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