Moms share magical baby moments

May 1, 2012 at 5:16 a.m. ET

Every moment with your baby is magical, but some moments stand out even more than others. Read along as these moms share their magical baby moments.

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Every mom has her own definition of what makes a magical moment. To some, those moments happen right away. For others, they come further down the road. Some moms only qualify the most special occasions as "magical," while others find magic in something every day.

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For Sharon Scanlon, her favorite moment was one of the first ones she spent with her daughter. "My magical moment was when she opened those big blue eyes for the first time," said Scanlon. Moments like that create bonds that last a lifetime, which is why that one was so special for her.

Other moms identify early events as their magical moments, as well.

"The most magical moment is when they grasp your finger so tight!" said Alicia Hoskins.

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Kris James' magical moment with her sons was when they laughed for the first time — a moment that many moms hold dear. "You know, when their little itty bitty eyes water, and their heads fly back — mouths wide open — and they just cackle away," she added.

For moms with more than one child, that moment can be different from child to child, much like it was for Jill Wilson. "My most magical moment with my oldest daughter was when she got to hold her baby sister for the first time. She was so amazed and happy, and there's nothing like the feeling of finally being together as one big happy family," said Wilson. "The most magical moment I've shared so far with my second daughter is watching her dance. She's a genuinely happy and silly person, so it's wonderful to just watch her be herself."

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With Rachelle Leavens, though, her moment was pretty similar with all four of her kids. "That one magical moment for me was the first time each of my children created their own way to say 'I love you' and give that toddler squeeze. It makes all the sleepless nights and stretch marks more than worth it," said Leavens.

Some moms prefer the funnier moments in life.

"The most magical moment I can think of was when she tasted a dill pickle for the first time. Her face was unforgettable!" said Deb Ratliff.

Baby and toddler moments are all magical and unforgettable, but sometimes the one that sticks in your mind happens even later. For Tonya Humrichouser, her most magical moment was the first time her daughter, Maddie, read to her. "And it was Dr. Seuss!" added Humrichouser.

There's no special formula that makes these moments so special. They can be just everyday moments, filled with love, happiness and, of course, a little magic!

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