7 Ways to celebrate new moms

May 1, 2012 at 5:27 a.m. ET

After the new mom in your life goes through the pains of childbirth, it’s easy to see that she’s a warrior -- one that must be revered. After all of the baby shower gifts have gotten some wear, it’s time to celebrate mom, not baby. Here are a few ways to let the new mom in your life know that she’s wonderful and appreciated.

new mom holding baby and mothers day card

A massage

Even new moms need to get away from everyday life sometimes. Offer to babysit the new bundle and get her a gift certificate for a massage. No doubt, after giving birth and enduring the stress of no sleep and constant crying, she’ll need it.

Take over babysitting duties

Sometimes, all a new mom wants to do is run a few errands, but having a newborn makes it nearly impossible to do them quickly and efficiently. Offer to babysit for a few hours. You’ll be a godsend.

Nail time

Taking care of a new baby takes its toll on your energy, as well as on your looks. She might be neglecting the little things she used to love for the sake of taking care of junior. Send her off with a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure. She can relax and take a load off for just a couple hours -- plus, she’ll finally feel pretty.

A staycation

Take the baby for a weekend and cover the cost of a two-night stay at a local resort. She won’t be too far away from baby, but, as the infant is under your wing, she can relax, lie by the pool, go to the spa and more, all while being totally relaxed.

Get her the things she has been putting off

Every mom neglects buying something she needs for the sake of money. Soon, she’ll be carting the baby around wherever she goes and she’ll need a diaper bag, but since they’re on the pricey side, she has been putting it off. Buy it for her! It will take off the burden of going shopping and spending money, even if just momentarily.

Pay her a compliment

Sometimes, celebrating a new mom is less about material goods and more about validation. People want to hear they’re doing a good job, especially when it comes to handling a new life. Encourage her by telling her she’s a good mom, that she’s handling the pressure well and, if she needs help, you’ll only be a phone call away.

Throw her a party

Sure, she had a baby shower not too long ago, but that was more for the baby than it was for her. Plus, she couldn’t drink back them. Grab some wine and some friends for a full night of party relaxation.

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