Mother's Day getaways for new moms

May 1, 2012 at 6:00 a.m. ET

Being a mom is difficult. Being a new mom? Well, that’s a whole lot of difficulty and lack of sleep all rolled up into one adorable baby blanket. As much as new moms adore their bundles of joy, everyone needs to get away sometimes. Here are a few spectacular vacation options for new moms -- any one of them would make a great Mother's Day gift!

new mom at spa

A nearby resort

If you know a new mom, you know that she can only go as far as her maternal instincts allow. A "staycation," or a stay-in-town vacation, is a great option for new moms who want to get away, but not too far away from their new baby. Find a resort in your hometown and make a one- or two-day reservation. Most resorts have a pool and spa, so relaxation shouldn't be a problem. Plus, resorts are typically around shopping Meccas! Go for lunch, have a couple of drinks, do some shopping and kick back. After all, that's what you'd do on a typical vacation anyway.

The beach city

Head to a beach city such as San Diego and soak up the warmth and water. As the weather warms up in most parts of the country, San Diego's beach weather stays roughly the same throughout the year. That means, come Mother's Day, laying by the water is a viable option. Plus, this town has tourist attractions and shopping to boot! Take a trip down to the Gaslamp Quarter for shopping and bar hopping, or head over to Sea World or the San Diego Zoo to get in touch with the kid inside.

The big city

If the new mom in your life strikes you as the arts and culture type, taking her to a big city packed with music, art and life is a great option to get away. New York and Chicago are the obvious options, but heading to your local downtown area and going to art galleries, seeing plays and going to concerts is the next best thing. Get dressed up, have some wine and paint the town red!

The great outdoors

After being weighed down by seven pounds of baby the last nine months, new moms might be excited to get out and get some exercise. After spending hours at the gym, the treadmill might look like the least appealing option. Get outdoors! Take her to a backwoods cabin, where she can get in touch with nature, ditch technology and go for morning runs through woodland paths.

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