10 Ways to strengthen your friendships

Even the best of friendships can become strained when kids, family and work are involved. It’s difficult to go out to drinks with the girls when you feel an obligation to be at home, but there are ways around that. Taking time, even once a month, to get back in touch with your girlfriends is not only fun, but fulfilling. Here are 10 ways to strengthen your friendships.

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Combine activities

Do you both have to go grocery shopping? Go together! It might seem silly, but even the most mundane of activities are better with a friend around.

Give her a call out of the blue

A phone call with a friend doesn’t mean you need to plan an activity together. Simply calling and catching up, rather than texting or emailing, is a great way to let friends know that they’re still a priority, even if you live across the country.

Show up to events

Is your friend having a party? Get a babysitter and go. It seems simple (and even a bit selfish, since you’ll be having fun,) but the affirmation that a friend wants to come to your event is heartwarming.

Ask questions

Simply and genuinely asking a friend how her life is going — and then really hearing her answers — can break down barriers and become a bonding experience.

Don’t be afraid to say you’re sorry

Friends sometimes fight; that’s a fact of life. You can limit a fight’s severity, however, by simply apologizing and meaning it. Be the bigger person. Lead by example. Maybe the next time, she’ll do the same.

Share a bottle of wine

You don’t need to go out to have fun. Simply sitting on the porch and sharing a bottle of vino is a great way to catch up and bond.

Get out of the house together

Call it a girls night out. Get dinner at your favorite sushi restaurant and go see that silly chick flick. Doing the little things that make you both happy will strengthen your relationship.

Share an experience

If neither of you have been horseback riding or gone to trapeze school, just go for it! Having a friend around makes any activity fun. Plus, if both of you fail at the activity, that’s always good for a laugh.

Be open with each other

Is your kid going through a weird phase? Has your husband taken up an annoying new habit? Friends are a bit like psychologists: They listen and offer input, but unlike a psychologist, they actually make you laugh.

Do the things you used to do

There’s nothing quite like saying “remember when …” and then acting on it.

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