Top 10 ways to update your look

Every fab girl gets stuck in a style rut every now and then. Thankfully, you don’t need to undergo a full-fledged makeover to freshen your look. Start the New Year off right by updating your style with a few simple tweaks.

new years style tips


Try out the ever popular blunt bang that’s turning up on Hollywood starlets like Leighton Meester. You’ll exude sass and be right on trend. If blunt bangs just aren’t your style, opt for the classic side-swept bang, or even change your part. A little hair change can make a big difference!


While the classic French manicure and neutral nail polish shades are classically pretty, go bold with coral, ombre or crackle nail polish for a fun twist.


Sure, you’ve got your morning makeup routine down, but why not change it up for a fresh look? Experiment with new cosmetic techniques or eye shadow and lip colors. Not confident in your cosmetology skills? Don’t worry! Many cosmetic companies offer makeup applications at their counters or online tutorials.

Statement accessory

Incorporate a new statement piece. Whether you tie a simple silk scarf around your purse, accessorize with a versatile but interesting bracelet or invest in a designer bag, adding one unique signature piece will instantly update your look.


Enlist the help of a trusted stylist, or even a beauty-savvy friend, to pick out a new complementary hair color. If you’re not ready for a dramatic change, incorporate highlights or lowlights for a subtle difference.


While it may seem like an insignificant feature, eyebrow shape has a major impact on your appearance. Typically favor a sculpted arch? Then try out a fuller, rounded brow for a more laid-back, girl-next-door appearance.


Work those muscles! If you don’t already have a workout routine, pick up a Pilates or Yoga class. Pilates and Yoga are great for strengthening your muscles and improving posture.


Instead of wearing contacts every day, give your eyes a break with a chic pair of glasses. Or, if you typically favor glasses, switch things up by wearing contact lenses a few days a week.


Experiment with color and patterns. If your closet is full of different pieces in the same color scheme, branch out with colors that complement your skin tone and hair color.


Shoes are a girl’s best friend (along with handbags and jewelry), so find a few new styles for your collection. Experiment with shoes in different colors, textures and heights than what you typically wear.


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