4 New things to try in bed this year

If you feel like your relationship may be slipping into a romance rut, then chances are your guy feels that way, too. Start the new year off with a bang. Surprise him by taking the initiative to mix things up in the bedroom and try a few new moves. Not sure where to begin? Here are four favorites that will put you on the path to more passion.

couple in bed

Show off

Confidence is always sexy. Show him just how confident you are by showing off a little. Start by leaving the lights on. Take it a little further by using mirrors to see each other from different angles. Take a couple of sexy pictures with each other. Surprise him by mixing new lingerie into your bedroom attire, and don’t take it off right away.

Get messy

Show your creative side with a little body paint. Take turns turning each other on and into a new work of art. Better yet, try playing with your food. Though it may sound a little cliche, your guy could be harboring a food fantasy. Champagne, strawberries and chocolate sauce are all popular choices for a little bedroom food play, but don’t feel like you have to make an extra trip to the grocery store just to give it a shot. Work with what you have, whether it’s an orange or an orange popsicle. Just keep in mind that foods containing sugar can cause bacteria buildup, which can lead to yeast infections. Of course, cleaning up together could be just as much fun as getting a little dirty.

Read a book

Set the tone for the evening by reading a steamy romance novel to each other and allow the cheesy prose to inspire your time together. It’s the perfect ice-breaker for bedroom fun and a little naughty talk later on. It can even inspire role-playing, as well as your confidence as a couple to try new things together.

Mix things up

Avoid repetition; try new positions often. A variety of position-a-day apps are available for your smartphone, if you need an occasional idea or ongoing guidance. Boost the bedroom variety by changing up the venue, too. Try getting out of the bedroom altogether and explore new places together. This will help keep things exciting and make new memories for just the two of you to share.

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