Personalized handmade Christmas gifts

This holiday season, get back to basics by creating handmade gifts for your loved ones. Personalized handmade Christmas gifts can help you save a little money, but even more important, they’re very thoughtful.    

His and Her handmade ornaments

Wood furniture

If you have woodworking skills, use them to create something special for your friends and family. You can make a custom closet for your wife, a desk for your daughter or knickknacks for anyone on your gift list.

Baked goods

If you aren’t handy with a hammer but you are a wiz with a whisk, head to the kitchen. Everyone appreciates homemade baked goods. Buy a few wicker baskets from the dollar store and fill them with homemade treats. Create a little booklet that includes all the recipes for your goodies too. Keep in mind that cookies aren’t the only thing you can make. If pasta is your specialty, cook up a batch of your famous homemade sauce. Put the sauce in jars inside the gift basket, along with some dry pasta, spices, cheese and a loaf of bread.

Family storybook

Write a fun, fictional story based on your own family. You can have the book printed and bound at your local print shop. If you have a friend who loves to draw, you can ask them to illustrate the book. Give copies of the book to everyone in your family.


Grab some stationery and a pen. On fancy paper, write a “Ways You’ve Blessed Me” list for each of the special people in your life. After you have finished each list, put it in a frame and give it as a very special personalized Christmas gift.

12 cards

In the 12 days leading up to Christmas, send a card (or give a small gift) to someone you love. This is a fun way to allow the recipient to enjoy your gift over a longer period of time. Write something personal in each card that you send.

Coupon book

Create customized coupon books for your friends and family. For your hubby, you can give him coupons for breakfast in bed or something a little more risque. For your neighbors, coupons for mowing their lawn or babysitting their kids are a great idea. Everyone can use a little help now and then. When making the coupons, think about each person and what they could really need assistance with. Put an expiration date on each coupon to try to motivate the recipient to cash them in.

Christmas ornament

You can create handmade Christmas ornaments made from everything from pine cones to Styrofoam to old Christmas cards. Check out these homemade Christmas ornament ideas that you can make to decorate your own tree or give as gifts.

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