Holiday decorating ideas for small spaces

When decorating a small space, you don’t need much to make a big difference. Color and design can make a bigger impact than just scale. Check out these holiday decorating ideas for small spaces.

Table top ornament tree

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Decorate the door

Even the smallest apartment has a front door worth decorating. Adding a wreath or other holiday decorations to your door is a festive way to welcome guests. Wreaths can be made with everything from eucalyptus branches to barbed wire to fabric remnants.

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Use a tabletop tree

No one says you have to take up your entire living space with a full-size Christmas tree. If you have little space to work with, place a tabletop tree on a table in the entryway, near the bottom of your stairs or even on an end table in your living room. You can get tabletop trees that are just a couple feet high at your local Christmas tree lot or buy an artificial one at your neighborhood big-box store. Decorate the tree with oversized whimsical ornaments or sophisticated, clear glass ornaments for a completely different look. Finish off the decorations by placing small gift boxes and bags under the tree, even if there’s nothing in them.

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Go beyond red and green

Traditional Christmas decor in red and green with big prints and bold patterns can overwhelm a small space. Instead, consider decorating in a cool silver and blue color scheme or with dark evergreens and natural wood. Soft, simple decorations can make a charming statement in a small space.

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Capitalize on vertical space

If you have ornaments left over after decorating your little tree, hang them in other places around your home. You can hang Christmas ornaments from your chandelier, over a doorway or from the ceiling. Hanging things from the ceiling draws the eye upward, making rooms appear larger than they are. You can also take advantage of wall space by stringing strips of ribbon and hanging ornaments from them as well.

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Fill your shelves

Even you don’t have room for a large tree in your house or apartment, it doesn’t mean your home can’t look festive. Take advantage of empty space on your bookcases and other shelves. Add Christmas figurines, mini wreaths, Christmas bulbs, small plants and other holiday decor. Mirrors can also add depth to small spaces.

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Decorate with dinnerware

Add some holiday shine to your dining room by setting your table with gold and silver dinnerware and stemware. Add an easy centerpiece by filling a large glass bowl with silver or gold ball ornaments for some glitz.

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Don’t forget the bathroom

A small tree in the corner of your bathroom, twinkling lights around the mirror or a swag of greenery over the window can make a huge difference in this seldom-decorated space.

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