Inside Bridget Marquardt's spooky Halloween home

Oct 26, 2011 at 12:06 p.m. ET

You might remember her from the guilty-pleasure reality TV show on E!, The Girls Next Door, but it turns out that Bridget Marquardt loves Halloween more than the average bunny -- hence the elaborate Halloween decorations.

Bridget Marquardt's home tour of Halloween decorations

Bridget's hired help

She was wearing a French maid get-up as she gave us the grand tour, but it seems she had some rather spooky-looking help to keep her Halloween decorations in order -- and scare off any unwelcome guests. The killer wallpaper you see in the background is called a scene-setter, and you can pick up your own at your local party supply store with just a few bucks in your pocket. "It really transforms the look of a room," Bridget emphasizes.

Bridget Marquardt's Halloween Christmas tree

Halloween prepares for Christmas

Her Halloween Christmas tree greets you at the front door, complete with bloody hands, skulls and surprise gifts wrapped in orange paper. If the tree ever thinks of reverting to its jolly ways too soon, there's a spooky ghost in the corner to keep the tree in check.

Bridget Marquardt's elaborate Halloween dining room

The dining hall

While the Halloween scene-setter gives her dining room some extra-spooky spunk, it's the smaller details in the room the seal the deal. Take note of the vintage frames she has hung on the wall and the butler lurking in the corner (who's probably less than helpful when it comes to serving Bridget's guests). Also notice how she transforms a typical ceiling lamp into another spooky detail in her Halloween dining room setup.

Bridget Marquardt shows her Halloween spirit in Hollywood

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