Carving pumpkins with tools

Carving pumpkins goes hand-in-hand with fall. Spice up your typical carving with the help of your toolbox this season.

pumpkin carving with tools

As silly as it may seem when the man of the house suggests using the tools instead of the cute little carving kits you get at the stores, he may be on to something! Below are five tips from Mr. Handyman, the nation’s largest employer of handymen, on using tools from a typical toolbox to carve your pumpkins this year. Head out and pick out the best pumpkin, grab the toolbox and create some memories!

1Cutting off the top

Tool: jigsaw blade

A jigsaw blade works in the same way as a kitchen knife but with more power. Plunge the blade into the top of the pumpkin at a 45 degree angle, move in a circular motion and be amazed at how quickly it opens the pumpkin up.

2Gutting the pumpkin

Tool: drill with pumpkin gutter tool

A pumpkin gutter tool costs about $10, but can easily save you 20 minutes of gooey hands. Insert the gutter tool into your drill, tighten it down and go to town on your pumpkin’s guts.

3Designing your pumpkin

Tool: spade bits and coring bits

When it comes to the actual carving, a spade bit will help assist in making shapes like stars and other unique designs. To get perfectly round eyes a coring bit is the tool for you. Use the bits in combination to create fascinating circular patterns.

4Intricate details

Tool: linoleum cutter

A linoleum cutter will really help when it comes down to the intricate patterns and all the fine details. If you are using a really involved pattern, it is best to print it out and then use a thumbtack or needle to mark the pattern onto the pumpkin first.

5Advanced Carvers

Tool: Wood working chisels

Carving by means of chipping away at the pumpkin’s flesh has become quite the rave. Using a wood working chisel to work great for removing the top layer of skin or larger areas of a design. For the more intricate details a smaller sized chisel is the tool to grab.


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