DIY Halloween decorations

Oct 18, 2011 at 1:06 p.m. ET

These two DIY holiday decorations will up the ante on your spook factor this Halloween.

How to make creepy candlesticks

What you'll need:

Several white long-stemmed candlesticks
1 large red candlestick

Simple steps:

Melt the red candle over the white candle and let the hot wax drip to create the appearance of blood. Repeat for each candle until you have complete set of creepy candlesticks to add to your Halloween decorations.

To complete the creep factor, drape some cheesecloth over the candle holders and scatter some plastic spiders around the base.

How to create a witchy walkway

What you'll need:

Old-fashioned wooden brooms with straw bristles
Halloween lights
Brown, orange and purple paint

Simple steps:

Cut the string of the broom head, keeping the bristles intact. Release them from the brooms and paint them with your orange and purple paint (this will make it look like an official witch's broom). Use the brown paint to dry-brush the broom handle.

Next, wrap the broomsticks with a string of Halloween lights. Lay your witches' brooms along your chosen path (for example, the sidewalk up to your door) and let your neighbors and friends enjoy your witchy walkway.

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