How to make your own Halloween costume

Oct 2, 2011 at 10:44 p.m. ET

If your kids want to get crafty this year, save some money by creating these two costumes from items you most likely already have at home. No sewing required!

How to make a scuba diver Halloween costume

What you'll need:

3 yards of black nylon webbing
1 yard of self-adhesive Velcro
6 metallic scouring pads
1 empty 2-liter plastic soda bottle with cap
Silver spray paint
Vacuum tubing
18 inches of cord-keeper tubing
Black clothing as the wet suit
Black gloves
Plastic safety goggles

Step 1:

Cut a belt from the nylon webbing a little longer than the waist measurement of your child. Attach strips of Velcro on each end.

Step 2:

Measure your child over the shoulder from the front of the waist to the back of the waist to begin creating the suspender-like strap. Cut two straps of the nylon webbing to this measurement. Velcro each strap to the back center of the belt. Velcro the scouring pads around the belt to mimic weights.

Step 3:

Spray the 2-liter bottle and the lid with your silver spray paint. Wrap the vacuum tubing around the soda bottle and attach the ends to the cord-keeper tubing. Glue the other end of the cord tube into the lid -- this should resemble a ventilator. Velcro the soda bottle to the strap and belt.

How to make a jellyfish halloween costume

What you'll need:

Clear dome umbrella
Clear boxing tape
Shiny materials (ribbons, string, Mardi Gras beads, glow sticks, bubble wrap, etc.)

Step 1: 

Cut the ribbons, string and bubble wrap into long pieces to resemble tentacles and start attaching these materials to the inside of the umbrella.

Step 2:

Attach the glow sticks to the ends of the "tentacles" or opt for battery-powered lights, to give the costume a glow.

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