How to make a homemade bat piñata

Oct 2, 2011 at 10:18 p.m. ET

Instead of spending the extra money on a pre-made piñata, get the whole family in on the fun and make your own. If you're throwing a party for kids, have them all make their own mini piñatas and take turns breaking candy free in the back yard.

How to make a homemade bat piÑata

This craft can be the perfect solution to your kids' Halloween party. Put a fun twist on the project and give the most creative bat piñata a prize. It'll keep the kiddos entertained while they make them -- and while they break them.

What you'll need:

Strips of newspaper
Papier maché mix (wheat paste)
Black cardstock
Black paint
Duct tape

Step 1:

Blow up balloons to medium size. If many kids are participating, blow the balloons up only to a small size so there's enough candy for everyone's homemade piñata.

Step 2:

Begin to cover the balloons with the newspaper strips after dipping them in the papier maché mix. After you've completed one layer, tie the rope around the balloon. Continue to add a few more layers of newspaper and papier maché over the rope.

Step 3:

Repeat these steps with a second, smaller balloon that will serve at the bat's head. This time, you don't need to include the rope.

Step 4:

After the papier maché has dried, cut a hole in the top of the larger balloon to deflate and remove it. Use this hole to fill the body of the bat with candy before attaching the head. Also pop and remove the balloon in the head. Secure the head onto the body using the black duct tape.

Step 5:

Cut bat wings and ears from your black card stock and paint the bat as you wish.

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