Birthday party themes for girls

Oct 24, 2011 at 8:08 a.m. ET

Celebrating your daughter’s birthday with a party that includes her favorite friends is a great way to ensure she has a blast on her special day. It’s also the perfect opportunity for you to get a little girly and unleash your creativity.

Princess birthday party

Opt for one of the following party themes and you're bound to have a ball planning your daughter's birthday bash.


"Every mom wants her little princess to feel special on the big day, so I suggest rolling out the royal carpet," says Kim Byers, owner of The Celebration Shoppe, LLC. "Invite her royal court -- keep it small so that you can have a seated experience with your darling at the head of the table -- and ask that they dress for the occasion."

The Celebration Shoppe offers a collection of pink princess-themed printables that are perfect for adorning cupcakes, napkins, straws, beverages, favors and food or drink areas. To further decorate, you can tie tulle bows to chair backs or use silky fabrics in shades of pink or purple to dress up tables. Spray or sprinkle glitter onto flowered centerpieces to give them a touch of whimsy. You can also embellish place settings with sparkly tiaras, which Byers recommends giving as favors.

To keep your princess and her royal court entertained throughout the party, Byers says, "Consider making glitter wands, playing 'pin the crown on the princess' or even hosting a mini spa. Every princess loves to look her best."


If you're looking for a whimsical theme to enchant your little girl, consider transforming her and her guests into mermaids for the day. This particular theme works well for parties hosted at a pool, beach or lake, because the children can swim during the party.

Large pieces of fabric and tulle can be used to create mermaid tails for each of the guests to wear during the party. Just make sure to leave plenty of wiggle room around the legs, so that the little girls don't trip.

Decorate primarily with shades of blue and green, adding bright pops of color here and there, to create an aquatic atmosphere. Seashells, sand dollars, starfish, coral, aquarium plants, rocks and sand can be sprinkled around tables that hold drinks, treats and favors.

Have the girls thread string through small shells to create their own sea-themed necklaces. Not only will this activity give them a break from swimming, it gives them a party favor they can take home.


Birthdays are a time for being pampered, so treat your little girl and her closest friends to some spa treatment. Don't worry: This theme doesn't require you to whisk everyone off to an expensive luxury spa. You can set up spa stations in your very own home.

Group tables and chairs into clusters. Arrange items intended for a particular beauty service within these clusters. One table could have a wide variety of facial, foot and hand creams. Another table might be packed with cosmetics or brushes. Another might have a variety of nail polishes, manicure tools and foot spas. As the girls bounce from station to station, they can mingle, snack, flip through magazines and feel like beauty queens.

If your budget allows for it, give each girl her own robe and flip-flops to wear during the party. Eye masks, nail polish, cosmetics and mini makeup bags make excellent favors for this party theme.

4Sweet shop

If your little girl has a sweet tooth and loves to help out in the kitchen, she'll love a party that lets her decorate desserts. Decorate your home or party site like a candy store or bakery. This will get your daughter and her guests in the mood to create one-of-a-kind yummy creations.

Before the party, bake or buy cupcakes, cookies and brownies. The idea is for your birthday girl and her friends to decorate all of these treats themselves during the party.

Set up tables where the girls will be working on their desserts. Put on these tables the items the girls can use to decorate their treats: colored icing, sprinkles, fondant embellishments, decorating tools and anything else the girls can use to make their treats look as fantastic as they taste.

You might also want to give each guest an apron with her name on it to wear during the party. Not only will the aprons protect their clothes from stains, they'll look adorable in pictures.

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