How to make an easy light up ghost out of a milk jug

This Halloween craft is fun, easy AND eco-friendly – a perfect craft combination! Follow these simple steps to re-use a milk or water jug to make a fun and spooky light-up hanging ghost. This would make the perfect finishing touch for your porch decorations this Halloween.

Milk jug ghost

What you need:

  • Empty plastic water or milk jug, cleaned out and completely dry
  • Black felt or construction paper
  • White crepe paper
  • Glue gun/hot glue
  • One strand white Christmas style indoor/outdoor lights, pref in white with white cording
  • Fish wire or nylon thread
  • Sharp needle
  • White extension cord

Step 1: Cut out ghost face

Remove any product stickers and clean your container thoroughly and allow to dry completely, preferable overnight. Once dry and clean, get started by cutting spooky eyes and a mouth out of the black felt or construction paper. If you are making multiple ghosts, be sure to make all of the faces different.

Step 1 - Cut out ghost face

Step 2: Cut and affix streamers

Cut and glue white streamers around the bottom (turn the container upside down) of the container. You can make them long and flowing or short and simple, but be mindful of placing them around lit jack-o-lanterns that have an actual candle in them

Step 3 - Add the lights

Step 3: Add the lights

Thread the strand of lights into the bottom –or spout- of the jug until the lights are all inside and just the male end of the plug is out. Plug that end into an extension cord.

Step 4: Attach a string to hang

Using a sharp needle, create a hole through the plastic in the middle top of the jug to hang. Thread fishing wire though that hole and tie a knot to form a loop. Your new ghost lantern is ready to hang and enjoy. Please be sure to use care with the cords.

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