How to make an easy Halloween themed headband

If you have a style conscious tween in your home that absolutely refuses to wear anything that is blatantly Halloween- but, you can’t seem to let go of dressing her up for the spookiest day of the year, fear not! Just follow these simple steps to make a fun orange and black headband that quietly utters, ‘Happy Halloween’ while still maintaining tween-approved fashion sense.

Halloween headband

Halloween headbandItems needed to complete this project:

  • Black plastic or metal headband
  • 1- 3″ x 30″ strip sheer black on white swiss dot fabric
  • 1- 1.75″ x 20″ strip white on black dot cotton fabric
  • 1- .75″ x 14″ strip orange on white dot cotton fabric
  • Black ribbon
  • Hot glue
  • Sewing machine (or) needle and thread

Step 1: Ruffle your strips of fabric

To ruffle your fabric using a regular sewing machine, set your tension to the tightest it will go (somewhere around 9) and your stitch length to as high as it will go (around 5-6). Then, start sewing and watch the magic as it automatically ruffles up as you go. Repeat this for all 3 strips of fabric. To ruffle by hand, sew two rows of regular stitching, about .25″ apart. Use your hands to arrange the fabric down the thread until it is gathered evenly.

Halloween headband

Step 2: Affix ruffles to headband

Using your hot glue gun, center and then glue the widest strip of fabric onto the headband. It helps if you glue about an inch at a time, making sure your center of the fabric is matched up with the headband. You can place the ruffles to the side, as shown, or anywhere on the headband, as you wish. Repeat for all three ruffles, trimming and tucking ends as necessary to keep layers even.

Step 3: Attach the bow

To attach the bow, simply tie the ribbon around the headband, pulling taught. Tie a bow, preferably using a double knot method. Glue in place as necessary.

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