Labor Day weekend celebrations

We all know that Labor Day is right around the corner, which is the unofficial end to summertime fun. Before you pack up your flip-flops and white shorts, let’s celebrate the fun we’ve had this summer and check off those last activities on your summer bucket list! Here are five ideas for ending your summer on a high note this year.

End of summer bash

1Throw a Labor Day party

The last weekend of summer may be the best excuse ever to throw a party — don’t you think? The way we see it, you have two options for throwing a Labor Day party — either put together an intimate party with your nearest and dearest — think cozy patio, tapas for dinner, handcrafted cocktails and soft lights hanging from the roof line — or invite every friend, acquaintance, co-worker and neighbor you have for a huge bash! For this style of party, go with kegs of local beer, easy food that you can make in advance in mass quantities and fun music and backyard games to keep the energy up. Another fun Labor Day party idea — throw a white party — before wearing white clothes becomes a fashion faux pas on Tuesday morning!

2Get out of town

For those of you who’ve had a summer escape on your mind all summer long, but can’t seem to get it on the calendar, Labor Day weekend, with the holiday on Monday, is the perfect time to go. Jump on the Internet and find a cheap fare to somewhere fun and new, pick somewhere close to home where you can spend less time traveling and more time exploring, or just book a couple of nights at that fabulous new hotel in your city that you’ve been itching to check out! If camping is your favorite weekend getaway, make some phone calls before you pack up that tent — Labor Day weekend campsites fill up fast!

3Spend all day on the water

Unless you’re lucky enough to live where the sun shines all year ’round and beach days are no biggie (we’re looking at you, California), summer is the one time of year that most of us can live in our bathing suits. Dedicate yourself to the water this Labor Day weekend — it doesn’t matter if you’re out on the ocean cruising around on a sailboat or just sitting in the backyard with your feet in the kiddie pool — put your bathing suit on and do not take it off until you are forced to go back to work on Tuesday. Need another fun way to spend some time on the water this Labor Day weekend? Look for a standup paddle board (SUP for short) class near you — it’s the hot new trend in water sports!

4Refuse to dine indoors

If you asked people about things they like about summer, they’re sure to say that dining al fresco is toward the top of that list. This Labor Day weekend, make dining outdoors a priority. Take your morning coffee and muffin out on the back porch to soak up those fresh morning rays. Choose restaurants with outdoor dining spaces. Even if you have to cook your meals indoors, serve them outside. No patio furniture? Grab a blanket or sheet and lay it down in the grass for one last summer picnic!

5Wear out your barbecue

Your poor barbecue — it only has a few days left before it will be covered up and packed away in the garage to be protected from the upcoming cold weather. Don’t let your barbecue get the blues! Use Labor Day weekend to burn up the rest of the propane in the tank or empty out that bag of charcoal briquettes. Try making your own BBQ sauce this weekend — this recipe for a smoky vanilla BBQ sauce will leave your tastebuds remembering summer all through the winter months! Also, check out these great Labor Day weekend recipes from Chef Doug Brochu.

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