5 Fun Halloween party games

No Halloween party is complete without fun party games, but bobbing for apples is so last Halloween. Check out our list of five fun Halloween party games.

Man telling ghost stories

1Pumpkin bowling

Use small pumpkins instead of balls (buy a few extra in case some get busted during play). For pins, use empty soda bottles filled with a little sand. Decorate the bottles as ghosts, with some felt and a little creativity. The usual bowling rules apply. Tip: This game is best played outside… in case a pumpkin gets smashed.

2Scary Halloween story contest

Turn out the lights, sit in a circle and pass around the flashlight. Have each guest tell a scary story with the flashlight glowing on his face. Guests can win for scariest story as well as more creative awards.

3Scavenger hunt

Make a list of Halloween-themed items for your party guests; send them out around the neighborhood to collect the items on the list. Set a time limit on the game, such as a half hour, after which everyone meets back at the party place. Whoever gets the most items on the list wins. You also might offer prizes for the quickest scavenger hunter and the one who got the least items of all.

4Gross food guessing game

Prepare some food items for a gross guessing game. Then have guests put their hands in bowls of mashed bananas (brains), peeled grapes (eyeballs), large pretzel sticks, soaked slightly (bones) and cooked spaghetti (intestines). There is no limit to the food you can liken to body parts, so use your imagination… and don’t forget to cut the lights or blindfold the game players.

5Halloween treasure hunt

This game takes a little pre-party prep. Before guests arrive, hide the clues and treasure somewhere in your home or neighborhood. Prepare maps for each guest or group (groups of two work very well). Send your guests out on the treasure hunt with their maps, which will send them to each clue… which in turn will lead them to the next clue and so forth until they discover the treasure.

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