Halloween costume trends for teens

Teenagers tend to find themselves at an awkward place during the Halloween season: too old for the kiddy costumes they wore just years ago, and too young for the sexy adult costumes at costume shops. Finding a costume that’ll make you both happy is difficult, but not impossible. Remember to let them have fun and display their own individuality; that’s what Halloween is all about. Here’s what’s hot amongst teens this Halloween.

Teen in 1980s costume


Supernatural creatures are making a big comeback. Vampires are today’s rock stars and will likely be one of the costumes you’ll see most on teens this year. Thanks to the popularity of Twilight and True Blood, as well as other vampire tales, America has fallen under their spell. This is a popular costume for both men and women, and can be made to look scary, sexy or both. Your teen might go all out with a detailed costume to copy her favorite creature of the night, or she might just throw on a pair of fangs and call it a costume.

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Following the fanged phenomenon are werewolves and zombies. The werewolves are usually geared more toward males and are loved for their hairy shock value, while zombies are good for both sexes and are valued for their gore factor. Your teen can transform into a zombie with a little makeup, so look for zombie athletes, brides, rock stars, skateboarders and more.

2Hit movies

Teen costumes often fall in line with blockbuster movies from that same year. Thanks to the final installment of the Harry Potter movie franchise, the halls of your local high school will probably look like a scene from Hogwarts come Halloween season. You also can look forward to many Captain Jack Sparrows and Red Riding Hoods, as well as comic book heroes from the big screen, such as Captain America and the Green Hornet.

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3Pop culture

Teens really look up to their favorite pop icons, and Halloween is their chance to transform themselves into that person. Expect to see a lot of Lady Gagas. With her crazy hair and makeup, and even crazier wardrobe choices, she’s easily recognizable and a lot of fun to copy. You’ll also see some characters from popular reality television. Snooki’s poof will certainly make an appearance or two.


Teenagers aren’t known for their planning, so every Halloween sees teenagers in costumes made at home by rummaging through closets and ransacking basements. These homemade costumes often result in retro looks from the 60s, 70s and 80s, as well as rednecks in stained white tank tops and flannel shirts. If you have the storage, this is a good reason to hold onto your old bridesmaid dresses, sports uniforms and trendy outfits from decades past.

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