Father's Day cards for every dad in your life

Jun 16, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Father's Day is coming up this weekend -- have you gotten a card for the dads in your life?

Although you're probably planning on getting a gift as well, sometimes including or sending the perfect card means even more than a gift -- it's an opportunity to put into words how you feel about your dad and thank him for all of the sweet things he's done for you in the past year (like that time he came and changed your tire on the side of the freeway when it was pouring down rain -- and even though you're 32 years old). Here are some fabulous Father's Day cards for all of the dads in your life. Get one in the mail today!

Father's Day Card

1For any dad in your life

Personalized photos are the hottest things in paper right now, and greeting cards are following suit! Any dad in your life will love a Father's Day card that has been personalized with photos of his loved ones. Tiny Prints is certainly leading this trend by offering a wide variety of greeting cards that can be personalized with photos. Bonus points to Tiny Prints for the amazing services they offer -- not only can you personalize Father's Day cards on their easy-to-use website, but they will add your message inside and mail it directly to Dad! You can even include a gift certificate to one of Dad's favorite stores.

For the grandfathers

2For the grandfathers

Even though they're all grandpas, most families have a special name for the grandfathers in their life, so when it comes to Father's Day, it will be next to impossible to find a card with "Happy Father's Day, Bobop!" on it. Well, not any more. Again, Tiny Prints has made card personalization easy -- this Father's Day card can be edited on the front so that you can say Happy Father's Day to the Bobop or Pop or Grand Pappy in your life!

For the new dads

3For the new dads

His first Father's Day is a special one, so don't forget to commemorate it will a special card that he will cherish for Father's Days to come. These fun, hand-cut Father's Day cards found on Etsy are perfect for Dad's first Father's Day -- you can even frame it afterwards for his desk at the office or to keep on top of his dresser.

For dads with a sense of humor

4For dads with a sense of humor

Does the dad in your life love to laugh, and do you appreciate him for passing on that love of laughter to you? Make him laugh this Father's Day with a hilarious card from Naughty Betty. Best known for their line of pretty, but brutally honest cards about motherhood, they also offer a few zingers in their Father's Day card collection.

For the doggy dads

5For the doggy dads

Don't worry, we didn't forget about the dads of dogs this Father's Day! If Fido is No. 1 in his life, honor him with a special card for doggy dads. Most Father's Day dog cards are fun and a bit cheeky, so go with it -- what could be more hilarious than a Dachshund with a "Dad" tattoo?

Whatever you choose to do for the special dads in your life this Father's Day, remember that what matters most is that you show them how much you love and appreciate them! Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads out there!

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