Birthday party décor you can find at home

When hosting a birthday party, you don’t have to blow your budget on decorations. It’s certainly easy to do so, but it’s also easy to decorate using items you can find all around your own home. Here are a few common household items that can be easily repurposed into stunning and clever birthday party décor.

Birthday items

1Picture frames

Tori Tait, founder and editor of Thoughtfully Simple, says that picture frames are her favorite go-to items for party décor that can be found at home. She recommends replacing the photo in the frame with a photo of the guest of honor. “I like to use candid shots and group several frames somewhere prominent like the entryway or dessert table.”

Tait also suggests using picture frames for displaying various party signs that can be printed from your home computer. “They say something as simple as ‘party time’ or can be used to draw attention to beverage stations or food buffets. Mixing up the colors and fonts of the texts can add a nice touch. You can even spray the frame to change up the color,” she adds.

2Paper sacks

Do you send your child to school with his or her lunch packed in a white paper sack? According to Greg Jenkins, partner of Bravo Productions, those bags are great for creating inexpensive party ambiance. “Add sand to the bag with a votive candle, and use the bags to line a walkway, patio or deck,” he suggests.


“Using sheets that you have around the house to create a couple of cabanas in the backyard is simple and easy,” says Jenkins. “Buy a few pieces of lumber from the hardware store, drape the sheets loosely and you have a cabana. The cabana can be used as the personal space for the birthday honoree — one where everyone comes into the cabana to have some personal time.”

4Flower pots

According to Stephanie Fader, senior marketing manager of, flower pots can make great beverage holders. “Line a large, pretty flower pot with a plastic grocery bag. Use duct tape to secure the bag along the edge. Fill with ice and an assortment of bottled drinks and place on the saucer. Use a very clean, small gardening shovel to serve ice,” she explains.

5Soup or vegetable cans

“Collect a variety of tin cans, clean thoroughly and soak in water to get the labels off. Apply two layers of paint — tempera, acrylic or chalkboard — and when dry, punch holes all over with an industrial hole punch. Place votive candles in the base and light,” says Fader.

6Chicken wire, ribbons or string

To create a banner or picture display, Fader suggests adhering chicken wire across a window or door frame. “Clip photos, news clippings, the party invite or balloons on the wire using paper clips or clothes hangers,” she suggests.

Ribbons and string may also work, depending on the weight of the objects you’ll be hanging.

These items are just a start. You’re like to find even more decorative accessories if keep your eyes open and let your creativity run wild.

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