Father's Day: 5 Tips for making Dad's day special

Jun 7, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. ET

Father's Day is fast approaching. A lot of attention is paid to Mother’s Day, but don’t forget dad. Even though some men aren’t as verbal about their emotions, dads take pride in fatherhood and like to feel loved, too. While we usually think of typical “man activities” for Father’s Day, dads are often about more than fishing and eating steak. Check out our less traditional five tips for making Dad’s day special.

Homemade Father's Day Card

1Homemade cards

No, Dad probably won't tear up like Mom might when she receives a hand-drawn construction paper card. Still, that doesn't mean it's not a meaningful gift. You can still include the gift card for the sports store, but make it special by helping your kids create a handmade Father's Day Card.

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Hidden message dog tag2Jewelry

Don't worry -- we're not suggesting something along the lines of a Mother's ring! However, if your man is manly enough to wear jewelry, consider buying him a piece from the heart. This hidden message tag necklace from Red Envelope allows you to engrave a hidden message from the kids on the back and three initials on the front.

3Gratitude letters

Have your kids tell Dad how they really feel about him. David Palmiter, Psychology Professor and author of Working Parents, Thriving Families: 10 Strategies That Make a Difference, suggests having everyone in the family write a gratitude letter to Dad, sharing why they appreciate him and how they feel about him. If you have little ones who don't write yet, ask them simple questions, such as "What is your favorite thing to do with Dad?" and record their answers. On Father's Day, each person can read his or her own to Dad, or you can give them along with your cards.

Father's Day custom gift wrap4Wrap it up nicely

Perhaps you want to give Dad a traditional gift, but you still want to add a sentimental touch. Why not wrap your Father's Day gift in special wrapping paper. Customized wrap from Gift Skins allows you to select a design, upload your favorite photo and add a customized message. Gift Skins will then turn your choices into personal gift wrapping paper for Dad. Don't miss the Father's Day designs.

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5 Family Father's Day dinner out

There is no shortage of Mother's Day brunch options, where Mom is honored with a rose and a mimosa (or two). Try a special family Father's Day celebration at Dad's favorite restaurant. If the restaurant doesn't do anything for Father's Day, you can. Bring your homemade card or gratitude letters to add a personal and special touch. Also, choose a nicer version of his favorite restaurant. If steak really is his thing, try a Brazilian steakhouse.

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