Creative Father's Day gifts Dad will love

Jun 6, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Many dads can be difficult to shop for, and you may often find yourself stumped each June when thinking about what to get for Father's Day. One way to give Dad a gift he will love is to give a gift from the heart. Find some ideas below that are in the spirit of the holiday and just might bring a tear to Dad's eye.

Father's Day Gifts

1Dog tags

If Dad likes to wear jewelry, get him a pair of dog tags engraved with important names and dates. Try a tag with the kids' names and birth dates, your wedding date or the name and birthday of a loved one who has passed. Some good places to get dog tags include Things Remembered and Posh Mommy.


Everyone wears T-shirts, so this is a great gift for all the dads in your life. You can go to a picture site like Shutterfly and get a shirt with a favorite picture on the front. Or you can try your hand at the Nike iD. With Nike iD you can get Dri-Fit shirts for the active dad to wear during workouts, and can even get a pair of personalized shoes to say whatever your heart desires (within the character limit).

3Photo book

This is especially good for the dad with older kids. Find some pictures from when the kids were little,  scan them onto the computer and upload to a site like Shutterfly or Snapfish. Combine the older pictures with newer images and use the tools on the site to create a photo book full of memories. You can even add your own captions next to the pictures.

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4Why you love him

Every dad loves to hear how much he's loved and appreciated by his family -- so why not give him just that? Get a piece of paper and hand-write or type up a list of your top favorite things about Dad, get a mat and a picture frame, and wrap it up. Dad is sure to love this gift and can look to it every day to be reminded how much you love him!


Capturing those younger years has always been a great way to remember your kids when they were little. Grab a canvas and some paint and make a piece of art that Dad can hang in the home office. You could paint the canvas a solid color and have each of the kids put their handprints on and write the names and ages of all the children next to or inside each handprint. You could also make a handprint garden or get this kit from Red Envelope that comes with pre-painted canvases and paint for the handprints of four people.


If Dad had his heart set on a new video camera, crack it open and tape a video for Dad. Make it funny for the dad who likes to laugh or sweet for the dad who's sentimental. If you have toddlers just follow them with the camera for a couple of minutes and you'll capture a little bit of both. Get creative and take video of anything that is special to Dad -- he'll have a gift to remember long after he stops using that particular video camera.

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