DIY red, white and blue for the home

May 27, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. ET

With countless parties celebrating America with holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, the surefire way to make your gathering stand out is with a little personalization. Creating your decor from scratch is rewarding and impressive. Many of the crafts below, gathered from top bloggers, are durable enough to pack them away into storage for following year's Memorial Day and Fourth of July celebrations. However, these DIY ideas are so ingenious, you might just want them to make a year-round appearance.

Giant pine flag

Photo supplied by Susie Harris

This show-stopping piece lends a rustic feel to any home. Looking more like art than a simple holiday decoration, Susie Harris offers an inexpensive and personal alternative to a common home décor store piece. Bringing it out only for events like the Fourth of July or Memorial Day is certainly an option, but the high-end look of this flag makes it worthy of year-round status.

Hanging star

Photo supplied by The Magic Onions

Oragami or folding paper crafts always seen to be far too complicated for the normal person to master. These clever stars change that with an involved but easy to understand process The Magic Onions walks clearly through with accompanying pictures and easy-to-follow directions. With a little patience the finished product is striking. Card stock is really all that's needed here, making it a cheap decorating technique.

Front door map banner

Photo supplied by Better Homes and Gardens

This hanging piece from Better Homes and Gardens shows your patriotism in a personal way. Trace out the U.S. in felt, and use a contrasting piece to highlight the state most important to you. Choose the state you live in now, or make things even more meaningful by choosing the birthplace of a veteran you want to honor, the nation's capital, or an important historical area like the thirteen original colonies.

Colored rice centerpiece

Photo supplied by Marie/Make and Takes

The search for an easy centerpiece is over! Thanks to Make and Takes, a glass vase and dyed rice now provides the simple solution. Wide sections of red, white and blue look modern, but smaller alternating layers could be just a fun especially if you want to use more than one vase to decorate. The rice provides the perfect base for holding flags, candles and even flowers.

Patriotic doormat

Photo supplied by Martha

Trust decorating goddess Martha Stewart to come up with such a chic idea that can be used year-round. This mat will catch the eye of any guest and set the tone for a party straight away. A coir mat, which can be found at many hardwood stores, is recommended to give the piece longevity—making decorating a breeze for years to come.

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