Best patriotic crafts

Keep kids and adults alike entertained with clever crafts celebrating the U.S.A. Try these activities from some of the best DIY bloggers on the web and add a little red, white and blue to your life. All of the crafts below are perfect for holidays like the Fourth of July and Memorial Day, but with a little tweaking of the color palette many can be used for any day of the year. Roll out the glue gun, paint and ribbon and have some fun!

Flag shirt

For kids and adults alike, this flag shirt is a must. Ruffled stripes and a few well placed buttons give the shirt a unique look that warrants a little bragging. Make It and Love It also provides instructions for a version with flat stripes for a simpler look. Don’t have enough time to make your own ruffles or measure out perfectly matching strips of fabric? Try ribbon from your local fabric store for a similar feel.

Photo supplied by Make It and Love It

Tin can windsock

This adorable outdoor accessory from Under the Table and Dreaming is simple (and messy!) enough for the kids to enjoy as well. Recycle an old tin can with a little paint and long ribbons to make a piece durable enough for years of Memorial Day and Fourth of July celebrations. Play with the size of the can and ribbons, or switch up the color scheme for more crafting options. Hang outside and look forward to those summer breezes.

Photo supplied by Stephanie Lynn/Under the Table and Dreaming

Tiny flags

These miniature decorative flags might be the easiest—and cutest—crafting project ever. According to Style Me Pretty, all you need for are a few cake sticks, ribbon and scissors to show off your patriotism. This project would adapt very well for just about an occasion, and it actually comes from a blog for wedding inspiration. Whether decorating desserts, grouped together in small vases, or sticking out of flower pots these flags add a touch of whimsy to any occasion.

Photo supplied by Jackie Wonders/ Style Me Pretty

Confetti popper rockets

Why worry about fire and sparks when you can celebrate with confetti? Alphamom gives directions for a safe way to celebrate all the holidays that’s still festive. Shaped like fireworks, these paper containers double as decorations. Sure, there might be a little more cleanup with all those tiny paper piece, but a roomful of smiles is more than enough to make up for it.

Photo supplied by Brenda Ponnay/Alphamom

Clever condiment caddy

Most events honoring this country seem to revolve around friends, family and food. Keep all your necessities in one easily transportable caddy. Design Sponge shows how an empty six pack holder can become a dressed up for picnics and barbeques in four very simple steps.

Photo supplied by Design Sponge

Looking for a super easy last minute kid-friendly craft? Fill shallow paper bowls with blue, white and red non-toxic craft paint. Spread out some paper and have the kids dip their hands into the paint and then press them to the paper. Try to control the chaos and use the prints to create a flag design, or use smaller pieces of paper only big enough for an individual hand. Poke some holes in the top and with a little ribbon or twine you have a festive banner!

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