5 Reasons to celebrate mom

Jun 30, 2011 at 12:52 p.m. ET

There are countless reasons for celebrating our wonderful mothers, but some of those reasons stand out among the rest. Find out why these women cherish mom… and then tell us what’s most special about your own mother.

You don't need a day to remember to celebrate your mom!We're best friends…

Author and blogger of Mommy's Memorandum Julee Morrison celebrates the way her relationship with her mom has changed. "As a teenager, my mom was my rival," says Morrison, "now she is my best friend. I am so much like her."

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Mom celebrates me every day…

Caroline McGraw, creator of relatioship blog A Wish Come Clear.com, says her favorite reason for celebrating mom is "because Mom has always celebrated me. She has given me her best, and I want to give the best right back to her." And since McGraw and her mother so strongly resemble one another, "I celebrate and enjoy her beauty and feel more at ease in my own self!"

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She's a wonderful role model…

"When she was 18, my mom lost her mom and had to raise her 13-year-old special-needs brother," says Nora Sarrawi of Chicago. "She put herself through nursing school. Then she raised me as a single parent. And she was one of the pioneers of children's rights and protection against child abuse in Chicago."

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My mother shows me how to love…

"My most important reason for celebrating my mother is because she has shown me how to love, says Lucinda Cross, author of Corporate Mom Drop-outs. "She showed me how to be a woman and she showed me that believing in myself will pay off. She is an example and lived as an example through her life, overcoming trails, tribulations and obstacles."

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It's my turn…

"My mom is in an assisted living facility with onset dementia, and it's my turn to look after her," says journalist Samuella Becker. "She easily remembers the past but not what happened a few minutes ago. I celebrate my mom and cherish the memory and time she has remaining. I'm proud to be my mother's daughter."

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Please tell us: What is your no. 1 reason for celebrating your beautiful mother?