Top 8 fashion gifts for Mother’s Day

Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to give up your fabulous fashion sense! Shower your fashionista mom with Mother’s Day gifts of style, bling and top trends with these fashion-forward ideas for Mother’s Day. From celebrity fragrances to designer handbags, let your mom know that she’s en vogue with these top eight fashion gifts for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day fashion gifts

1Celebrity fragrance

Make Mom feel as glamorous as a superstar with a celebrity fragrance. Perfumes like White Diamonds by the late Elizabeth Taylor, NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker, or Supermodel by Victoria’s Secret bring some sweet scents, with the allure of fashion icons.

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2Fashion magazines

Mother’s Day gifts of high fashion magazines will keep your mom on top of the latest fashion trends all year long. Sign her up for a subscription to top publications like Elle, Vogue, or Glamour Magazine.

3Trendy feathers

Mother’s Day gifts that feature feathers, like hair flowers or feather hair extensions, are all the rage. So snatch up oversized flowers with feathery details for moms who love to stand out in the crowd, or make her an appointment with her hairdresser to add feather extensions for a subtle nod to current style trends.

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4Summer dress

Whether they’re light and breezy or short and sexy, Mother’s Day fashion gifts can range from a hot maxi dress from Old Navy to a cool cocktail mini.

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