10 Mother’s Day gourmet gift ideas

Unless your mom truly wants another bottle of perfume or fuzzy slippers, give her a Mother’s Day gift she can really use. These gourmet Mother’s Day gifts will delight the mom who loves to cook with the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets, food finds, and cookbooks.

Mother's day Cookbooks

Mother’s Day gifts: Cookbooks

1Real Simple Dinner Tonight: Done!

Even moms who relish their time in the kitchen want recipes that present beautifully without hours of food prep or near countless ingredients. From the editors of Real Simple magazine, Dinner Tonight: Done! (Real Simple, April 2011) features nearly 200 real simple but impressive recipes that take 30 minutes or less to prepare. Even better, the mom-friendly cookbook is chockfull of smart cooking tips, nutritional information for every recipe, and helpful tags so your mom can find recipes that fit her mood or special occasion.

2Sara Foster’s Southern Kitchen

Does your mom crave soul food featuring artisanal, in-season ingredients? She’ll surely swoon over Sara Foster’s Southern Kitchen (Random House, April 2011) cookbook. From scrumptious savory recipes like Shrimp Jambalaya and Grilled Peach Salad to indulgent Southern desserts, such as Molasses-Bourbon Pecan Pie and Lemon Blackberry Tart, every page is a delicious dish of Southern comfort. Mmmm, mmmm, give this to your mom and you’ll be treated to nearly 200 classic Southern recipes featuring tasty contemporary flair.

3Bite Me

For the moms who crave a cookbook with attitude, Bite Me (Kyle Cathie, December 2010) is “a stomach-satisfying, visually gratifying, fresh-mouthed cookbook” with 175 fool-proof recipes and page after page of wit. Written by two saucy sisters, Julie Albert and Lisa Gnat, Bite Me is peppered with funny anecdotes, pop culture, rib-tickling pictures, and tid bits that just make you giggle. You’ll want to read (or cook from) this uniquely written cookbook before you hand it over to Mom, because once she has it, she’ll want to use it nightly to add fun to her food making.

4At My Grandmother’s Knee

So many memories are tied to food and its smell and taste. At My Grandmother’s Knee (Thomas Nelson, March 2011), by first-time author Faye Porter, celebrates both love and food with 166 delicious recipes that a new generation of Southern women inherited from their grandmothers. Unrivaled good food and unconditional love are timeless traits of Southern grandmothers, and whether your mom is Southern or just loves food cooked from the heart, this cookbook is filled from cover to cover with world-class recipes, heartwarming stories, and beautiful photos that will evoke your mom’s own delicious feel-good memories.

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