How to decorate for Easter

Apr 10, 2014 at 12:00 a.m. ET

Easter is right around the corner — April 20, for you slackers out there. So if you haven't decorated for the occasion yet, you'd better get hopping. Here are some easy tips on decorating for Easter.

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Display an Easter wreath

According to Aimee Beatty, Pier 1 Imports' in-house stylist, "Easter wreaths are great for welcoming visitors, but they're not only for displaying on the front door. They can also be hung in front of mirrors in the home or displayed flat on the table with a hurricane (lamp) — or three — in the middle. Then fill the hurricanes with eggs."

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Give your guests a warm welcome

Beatty suggests lining the driveway with seasonal garden stakes. "(They make) driving up to anyone's home an Easter extravaganza. And for the avid gardener, these are great decorations to add to the garden," she says. If you're more of a last-minute decorator, you can always line your drive and walkway with Easter eggs before your guests arrive.

Display your kids' Easter artwork

You know all those Easter and springtime "masterpieces" that your kids have worked on in school for the past few weeks? Instead of letting them collect dust in your "to organize" file, show them off as part of your Easter decor. Your children will be so proud that their art is on display, and it gives their pieces a good home until you can figure out what to do with them when the season ends. (Really, doesn't every mom suffer guilt over tossing even one piece of her child's precious handiwork?)

Bring the season indoors

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Around Easter time, the world is in bloom. Capture a bit of it and bring it inside by displaying fresh springtime flowers in creative vessels all over your home. For example, stick a single long-stemmed blossom such as a tulip or daisy in an empty wine bottle. (There. We just gave you a perfectly good reason to empty a wine bottle.) Or gather a big bunch of baby's breath to put in a Mason jar tied with a pastel ribbon.

It's also fun to decorate with nuts, since nothing is as earthy (and functionally delicious) as a harvest of pistachios, walnuts and pecans. Display bowlfuls of nuts on end tables, or place small cups of them beneath your flower arrangements. You can also channel your inner squirrel by using little acorn tops to make hats for your Easter eggs, or use larger acorn tops for a delightful "bird's nest."

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Be kind to the Earth

In light of the fact that Easter is just two days before Earth Day, go green with your Easter decorations. In lieu of buying mass-produced Easter decorations, be creative and use materials around the house to create your own seasonal decor. Browse the Internet, catalogs and stores for inspiration, then craft your own original Easter decor with recycled materials.

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Make the most of the season

Finally, remember that Easter is one day, but springtime is here for a while. Subtly tailor your Easter decor so that it can last all season long. Instead of displaying a giant inflatable Easter Bunny on your front lawn, set some bright spring flowers in beautiful terra-cotta pots by your front door for more decoration staying power.

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