5 Celebrity mother & daughter pairs with style

Cursive number 4Madonna & Lourdes LeonMadonna and Lourdes Leon

80s Flavor

For decades, Madonna was setting fashion trends around the globe, and her teenage daughter, Lourdes, is following suit.

Madonna defined fashion in the 80s, and we often see her daughter wearing throwback styles from her mom’s favorite decade. Both Madonna and Lourdes love their jewelry, from cross pendants to retro bead necklaces. The two don’t always agree on fashion, however.

“I always have two reactions when Lola comes into my room with an outfit on: One is, ‘Oh my God, she looks amazing, what incredible style.’ And then my second reaction is, ‘She’s dressed completely inappropriately for school,'” Madonna told People in a video interview last year. “I usually tell her to take off her three- or six-inch platforms, pull her skirt down just a little bit and take off some of the black eye makeup.”

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