Jokes for April Fools’ Day

Whoopee cushions, gum that turns your mouth inky and handshake buzzers are certainly great April Fools’ Day props, but you can be creative and put one (or a few) over on your family, friends and workmates with everyday items in your house. Here are a few fun (and harmless) jokes for April Fools’ Day.

1April Fool Prank IdeasSpray and Wash

Your spouse, kiddo or roommate will be all wet when you pull this April Fools’ Day prank. Place a rubber band around the handle of the spray nozzle on the kitchen sink. When the unsuspecting April fool turns on the water, they’ll be greeted with a spray.

2Swap the Sugar

Fill the sugar dish with salt or the salt shaker with sugar and let your hungry dining mates get a taste-bud surprise.

3Sponge Cakes

Though April Fools’ Day is not an official holiday, you can still make a “cake” for the occasion. Buy a bag of plain kitchen sponges and make mini layer cakes by cutting the sponges into same-size circles, then layering and frosting them with cake icing. Finish the cakes off with sprinkles or edible flowers and take them to the office or leave them on the counter for unsuspecting snackers.

4Got (Yuck) Milk?

Swap out regular milk with buttermilk and watch as your cereal-loving clan dig into their flakes and crunchies – once.

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5Weigh Away

If your best friend, boyfriend or a family member is overly obsessed with their daily weight, recalibrate the scale up or down 10 pounds before they have a chance to weigh in.

6Tight Pants

Fool your kids or your friends into thinking they’ve grown by putting their jeans in the dryer on high heat and putting the shrunk denim back in the dresser or closet before your littlest April fools are none the wiser.


Packing the Peanuts

Fill your coworkers’ desk drawers (or entire office, if you have enough) with packing peanuts. Make sure you pick the deepest drawers, so they’ll be digging out those peanuts for a while.

8Neighborly Decorating

Put funny lawn ornaments in your neighbors’ yard – the more opposite their personality the better.

What are some of your favorite April Fools’ pranks to pull on your friends – or which April Fools’ jokes have made you the unsuspecting prey?

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