Manly Valentine’s Day gifts for your guy

Sure, a box of dark chocolates, sexy lingerie or a spa package may be exactly what you want, but your guy is hoping for Valentine’s Day gifts that are more in line with his lifestyle. Forget the black boxers with red hearts (yes, he’ll say they’re cool, but c’mon — does he really want these?), and head to the local outdoor sports and hunting stores for manly Valentine’s Day gifts that your guy will love.

Coghlan's Pack Axe1Coghlan’s Pack Axe

If your guy is a hunting fanatic, backwoods adventurer or camping enthusiast, give him a functional gift he can easily tote in his pack. Coghlan’s Pack Axe is a compact, lightweight yet fully-hardened axe that efficiently chops firewood and kindling so your man can prep a campfire with ease. Axe features a non-slip rubber handle and stores in a black nylon sheath for protection.

Available: Cabela’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or visit to find a store near you.
Price: $18

2Coghlan's Storm MatchesCoghlan’s Storm Matches

No matter how perfect your mate arranges the firewood, if the area is wet or it happens to be raining (or if he has a habit of dropping regular matches in the river), his campfire may be a pipedream, unless you gift him with waterproof matches. Coghlan’s Storm Matches are waterproof, windproof and designed to light in the most inclement weather. Even if your guy drops these matches in the drink, they will still light right up.

Available: Cabela’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or visit to find a store near you.
Price: $4 for 25-pack canister

3Columbia Omni-Heat Wading JacketColumbia Omni-Heat Wading Jacket

For the hard-core fisherman, Columbia’s Omni-Heat Wading Jacket is ideal for on-the-water comfort. Not only is this lightweight jacket waterproof and breathable, it features Omni-Heat Thermal Reflective Technology that outperforms traditional insulators with one of the highest per-gram heat-retention ratios on the market. Adjustable cuffs, a full-coverage hood and zippered handwarmer pockets mean your man will stay warm and dry in any weather condition while he’s casting for the Big Fish.

Price: $130

Mora Basic Military Knife4Mora Basic Military Knife

A Swiss Army knife certainly has its uses, but if your beau immediately needs a sharp hunting or camping tool, trying to pull out and unfold a Swiss Army knife in seconds may prove impossible. The Morakniv Clipper 860 MG is a highly adaptable, durable, razor-sharp knife that is made of cold-rolled special Swedish stainless steel. The 4-inch knife comes with a non-slip rubber handle and a sturdy plastic sheath with a belt hook that can be quickly snapped onto a belt for easy carrying.

Price: $15

5Casio Pathfinder Triple Sensor Watch

Casio Pathfinder Triple Sensor Watch

If your favorite outdoor survivalist packs light, he’ll appreciate Casio’s Pathfinder Triple Sensor Watch. This digital wristwatch includes a built-in digital compass, altimeter, barometer and thermometer. The digital compass displays 16 directions and has a five-set memory capacity that captures direction, month, date and measurement time data. The altimeter measures up to 32,800 feet in 20-foot increments and stores 50 sets of altitude memory with date and temperature. It also provides a target altitude alarm, graphing capability for target and altitude tendency and it’s water-resistant to 330 feet.

Price: $135

6Heatsheets Emergency Sheets

Heatsheets Emergency Sheets

Nobody plans to have an emergency, but better to be prepared than sorry. An emergency blanket is a standard survival item that everyone in the woods needs to carry in their pack. Heatsheets are lightweight, small and can be seamlessly packed, and stored in a glove compartment or anywhere else your guy is at risk of getting stranded in cold weather. Your man will really appreciate this manly Valentine’s Day gift when he’s caught in the chill, wraps the emergency blanket around himself and warms up right away, even if he’s wet.

Available: Most outdoor and hunting stores
Price: $4

7Hunter's First Aid KitHunter’s First-Aid Kit

A must-have for the hunter in your life, the Hunter’s First-Aid Kit is packed with emergency items and divided into two compartments so he can always have first-aid capabilities – the main first-aid kit can be kept at base camp, while the removable field/trauma kit can be taken on the hunt, river or other outdoor adventure. This kit comes with face shield, field gloves, wound irrigation, absorbent dressings, surgical sponges, triangular bandage with safety pins, a variety of medications, antiseptic hand-cleanse towelettes and duct tape.

Price: $60


If your guy can’t part with his smartphone even while in the woods, help him protect his cell with RingerWraps, the first disposable sleeves that protect phones from incidental contact with water, snow, slush, mud and other harmful materials. Unlike other bulky protective cases, RingerWraps feature an optimally clear material and precise fit that allow cell phones to be fully functional even when wrapped.

Price: $10  for a 5-pack

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