Eco-chic fashion: Go green in 2011

Years ago, the term “eco-friendly fashion” conjured up images of people living in a commune wearing ugly burlap sack dresses and hemp sandals. Thankfully, eco-friendly apparel is now not just great for the environment, but also stylish too. In 2011, make a commitment to wear more socially-conscious, environmentally-friendly apparel.

Woman wearing organic clothes

What is eco-friendly fashion?

Eco-friendly fashions are produced by companies that treat both their workers and the earth ethically. Their materials are grown, processed and packaged in the most eco-conscious ways possible. In recent years, as more and more people around the globe are “going green,” fashion has followed suit with many eco-friendly labels and retailers emerging. Created with environmentally-friendly processed and sustainable, recyclable materials, eco-friendly is now also eco-chic.


Choose sustainable materials

Sustainable materials go beyond hemp and organic cotton. Vegan silk, bamboo fibers and soy silk (derived from the waste of tofu) are all sustainable. Materials created from seaweed pulp, some Japanese leaves and wood pulp are also fantastic sustainable choices. Lyocell is a fabric that feels like silk but is created from naturally-occurring cellulose in wood pulp that is usually discarded.

Linda Loudermilk

For many years, Linda Loudermilk created chic fashions that were also environmentally-friendly but she was one of the few that accomplished this. Today, her clothing line is as hot as ever. Trendy and chic, you can find Linda Loudermilk designs at boutiques around the country. To find a shop in your area that features the eco-friendly Linda Loudermilk line, visit her website at


At Bamboosa, they use bamboo fiber to create apparel and baby products. Bamboo is a fantastic option for clothing. It’s actually softer than cotton and wicks moisture away from skin to keep you dry, clean and comfortable. If grown without pesticides, bamboo fiber is 100% biodegradable. It offers natural UV protection, is anti-fungal and also thermal-regulating. Bamboosa has eliminated chlorine from their dyeing process. Chlorine releases carcinogens into the air. They also utilize recycled packaging and eco-friendly processing. Check out more about Bamboosa at

The GreenShows

The GreenShows Eco Fashion Week takes place in New York. Throughout the week, fashion shows, trade shows, seminars and pop-up shows highlight designers that are embracing sustainability and preservation of the earth. Local, national and international designers, manufacturers and retailers display some of the most chic, high-quality, eco-friendly clothing available. Visit to learn about The GreenShows and the different fashion labels and designers involved.

Shop smart

Together, our collective choices from day to day have serious, long-term effects on the planet. From fuel to clothing and everything in between, our shopping decisions should be made with an eco-friendly mindset. In 2011, make a commitment to seek out eco-friendly fashions made with sustainable materials and ethical processes. You and the world will be better for it.

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