Fashion resolutions for 2011

The New Year is almost upon us. While you are busy writing your list of resolutions about your health and love life, don’t forget to make fashion resolutions too. This year, make resolutions that will make the difference in your personal style. Check out these top six fashion resolutions for 2011.

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1Clean out your closet

Do you know why it takes so long to get dressed in the morning? Not because you don’t have enough clothes but because you can’t find anything. Spring cleaning can happen in January. Clean out your closet and take inventory of what you have. Sort all your clothes (as well as shoes, handbags and accessories) into four piles: Keep, toss, donate and fix. Anything that’s too damaged to repair or donate, toss it right away. Donate your clothes that don’t fit your style or your waistline, and for those that need a little TLC, take them to the dry cleaner or tailor today! For the clothes you are keeping, organize them by type (T-shirts, blouses, skirts, trousers, jeans, etc.) and then by color. If your closet is small, pack away your seasonal clothes and store them under your bed until it’s time to wear them.

2Invest in classic pieces

Instead of chasing the latest fads, learn to save your money and invest in classic pieces. A high-quality leather handbag will last for years to come. Little black dresses, leather or suede pumps, pencil skirts, cashmere cardigans, knee-high boots, trench coats and other classic pieces are certainly worth splurging on.

3Buy sexy underwear

Stock up on sexy, frilly, lacy underwear and wear them every day. Whether you are at the office in a business suit or lounging around at home in yoga pants, you can’t help but feel good about yourself in a pair of sexy underwear. Sexy underwear doesn’t necessarily mean thongs — boyshorts are certainly sexy and provide the extra coverage that you are looking for.

4Stop wearing clothes that don’t fit

If you’re not a size 6, stop trying to shimmy your rear end into a pair of size 6 jeans. Buy clothes that fit — no matter what size they are. Then, if you aren’t happy with your body, vow to start hitting the gym every day in 2011. Many women who feel they are heavy go to the other extreme — buying clothes that are too big to disguise their weight. Reality check… baggy clothes actually make you look bigger than you are.

5Infuse your wardrobe with color

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2011 is honeysuckle. This reddish pink is vibrant and fun. If you find yourself always wearing black or other dark colors, add a punch of color to your look with honeysuckle and other brights like turquoise, pumpkin orange and sunny yellow. If you can’t bring yourself to buy a vibrant dress or top, start incorporating color into your wardrobe through handbags, shoes and other accessories. Once you start wearing color, you’ll love it.

6Develop a signature style

You can develop your signature style by finding something that you love and embracing it. Start by evaluating your current style and what you want your style to be. It could be classic, playful, minimalistic, relaxed and so on. You can center your signature look on one particular item, a certain color, a type of jewelry or bag or even a hairstyle or make-up. Whatever you pick as the focus of your signature style should reflect your personality and lifestyle. When experimenting with your signature look, you should feel comfortable with it… it shouldn’t feel like a costume. Play around with different ideas until you develop a style that is truly you.

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